Thursday, July 26, 2012

So... it's been a while!

Hello world! I cannot believe how long it has been since I blogged! Y'all probably thought I had given up on the old blog. Not so fast!!! I am back, and hopefully not just for one post (I know I say this every time, at least i'm trying?)

So, whats going on in my world?

I am on summer vacay!! Woohoo!! Spring exams ended and 4 days later summer classes started so I felt like there was NO break! Talk about burnout! But summer exams are over and I don't have to think about school for another 2 weeks, so nice!

So what have I done this summer (other than school)? Well...

I went to Colorado for one of my college best friend's weddings. It was such a wonderful weekend and all of our college friends had a BLAST getting to see each other!
Here are the four best friends that anyone could have! Not the most flattering pic of me, but check out that view!!
And... thats about it! This has been a super boring summer. School took up a ton of time and its so dang hot that any outside activity is a no-go (including laying out, unless you're in the pool)

What else is going on in my world?

I am was training for my first marathon, but unfortunately I had an injury. I don't think my doctor really knew what it was but i've been on rest for the past month and it has been PAINFUL!! Not only the injury, the fact that I can't do any running or exercising that "pounds" on the legs. Hopefully tomorrow I will get the go ahead to start running again and I can get back into training and bootcamp! I'm training with Team in Training, if y'all haven't heard of this program it is AMAZING! If all goes well, I will be running the Savannah Rock 'n Roll Marathon in November. Looking forward to it? Yes. Scared? YES!

Cupie is sick:( She has aspiration pneumonia, which she also had last year about this same time. See here. Poor baby is so sad. But she is on meds and I thinks she's on the up and up!

My family is going to VA next week for a party for my sister and her fiancee. I can't believe they are getting married so soon. It is going to be fun to get everyone together and spend time in the town where my dad grew up!

Thats about all that is going on here.

What is up with y'all!! Let me know!