Lust List!

So, I know this a very material page, but I don't care. Sometimes we just want some material things! Here are items that I would love to have if money were no option. (obvi, money doesn't grow on trees, so these are some things that I want, not need!)

Trek Lexa S Road Bike... these are super expensive, so this is the base model for the WSD (woman specific design)... I would be happy with a better model as well. P.S.- I'm back on a road biking kick if you can't tell

Chanel Quilted Bag... classic and beautiful!
Cartier LOVE Bracelet... I love the idea that it is screwed together when you put it on so it is hard to get off. A great symbol of love.

MacBook Pro... I have a MacBook already but it is going on 5 years old and runs at a snail's pace! I would love a new one for law school, I love Apple products!

I'm sure I could think of manyyyy other things, but I will leave it at that for now!