Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oh! The places you'll go!

I couldn't help thinking of this Dr. Seuss book recently when I have thought back on high school and my four years of college. I had NO clue what I was in for when we loaded up good old Baxter (my first car, who tragically died after an accident involving running into a gas station... literally, inside. I digress) and headed west on I-20. I remember being absolutely devastated to be going away to college. I think I cried most of the drive (um, it was 9 hours that day and 4 the next... weirdo!). Going to college was hard. Not knowing anybody Knowing only 2 boys going to my college was hard. Not having a roommate for the first several days was hard. But, I did end up with the best friends, which all started the first night we were there and I awkwardly sat on one of my bff's floors after asking if I could hang. I said nothing. I never realized how shy I was/ had become until going away to college, and I still struggle with it. All that being said, my friends and I always laugh about that awkward night because 4 of us stayed best friends through all of college.

Anyway, I can't believe those 4 years flew by so quickly. I felt happiness and sadness, stress, anxiety, excitement and about every emotion in between, but I am so glad that I went where I did and that I am in the place I am in my life right now. I have a great job, a loving family, awesome friends in Atlanta, Dallas and several other cities, and... I am going to law school in the Fall!

I made the decision last week to go to Georgia State next year, and I am glad that the waiting game is over. I was an easy decision, and I even made it before hearing from SMU (which was one of my top choices). With this will come life changes just like the ones that occurred when I started undergraduate: making new friends (however, all of my Atlanta friends will be here and my parents will be here, so that is not as big of an issue this go around), getting into study mode, stress and anxiety, early mornings and late nights, etc. I am excited to go though, and I feel like I am ready to go back to school.

July and August are going to be crazy because my life will completely change. I am moving into an apartment by myself (but, I will only be about 5 minutes from the rents which I am so happy about), I will be leaving my job and starting a new school all within a month. I know once school starts I will miss the days of working 9-5 and not really having to take my work home with me (which will probably never happen again!)

The gist of this post is that I could never have guessed where I would be at this point in my life in high school or college, but I can't think of a better place to be in. I am excited about the coming months, and I am sure in 4 years from now I will have the same feeling all over again.

I hope y'all are having a wonderful Thursday, it's almost the weekend! And it will be a warm and sunny weekend here in Atlanta, woohoo!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I'm Lovin'

This week I am absolutely lovin'...

1. This adorable camera strap for my Canon Rebel. I know, I know, I am supposed to not be spending on "frivolous" things, but how cute? I know the ole' Canon strap works just as well, but I really want this to spice my camera up!

2. These super cute Karen Walker sunglasses. They look like wayfarers but are a little more unique with the tortoise shell.
3. That things are movin' with the whole apartment thing. I know where I am going to live, we have gotten almost all of the furniture, furniture that needs refinishing was picked up Friday to get all fixed up,  we've gotten 1 rug, and my fabrics are all picked out. Here are some snap shots of my fabrics that we choose. The only things left are getting things upholstered, signing a lease (minor detail) and decorating, yay!

All of the fabrics we liked after going to 3 giant fabric stores. (sorry, it's kinda hard to see!)

The one in the upper left is going to be for bar stool cushions, and the one in the upper right is going to be used to make a duvet and shams. 

The top fabric here is for my platform rocker for my office area (it's not a rocking chair, don't worry I'm not going for the senior citizen/ preggo decor look) the second is for 2 smaller "lady" chairs that will be in my office. The third is for a little chair in my bedroom.

The bottom 2 are the only ones we are using in the photo. The very bottom is for 2 chairs in my living room (they will match my green sofa so well) and the one above that is for cushions for my dining room chairs. 
I know it seems like a lot, but they will all be spread out and it won't be bam, all in your face.

4. I donated blood today for the first time! As I said yesterday I was a little nervous, but it really wasn't that bad. The screening/ testing part took the longest and was really intense (for obvious reasons, we don't want unhealthy people donating blood, right?) I did really well and it did not take me too long to give a pint (thanks to all the water I had yesterday and today) but after that they take 6 tubes of blood. Apparently those 6 were too much and I came within an inch of passing out cold! I felt SO sick for a while, but the nurses were great and before I knew it I was at the "canteen" munchin' on some oreos and drinking a little apple juice. It was a good experience, and I am so glad I signed up at the last minute!

5. Jonathan Adler! I love some of his colorful home stuff, and I think I need these items:
Kissing Giraffe Pillow
Elephant Needlepoint Pillow
Zebra Rug: I would totally put this in the middle of my kitchen, LOVE!
Hot pink Moroccan Pouf!
Well those are some of the things I am lovin' this week, I am sure I could go on-and-on, but I will spare y'all!

I hope you had a fab Wednesday!


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Giving blood

Tomorrow I am giving blood for the first time, and I am a little nervous! I remember people passing out in high school when the Red Cross came to do drives, and I was always scared I would too! They say if you're over 110 lbs. you're golden (trust me, I am well over that these days) but I am still a lil scared. I'm doing it at work and the coordinator told me to drink lots of water today and in the morning, and that I have done. I keep a big Tervis Tumbler at work to drink water out of so I don't waste cups every day, and because it holds a lot more, and I swear I drank like 4 of them today. I felt like I went to the bathroom a gajillion times! It is supposed to make you bleed easier/ faster I think, and I am hoping all this water does the trick!

I am excited to actually be able to give this time. I tried to give in high school when the van came to campus, but either I wasn't old enough or had been in a malaria country within the past year (downside of spring break in Mexico I guess). But, this time I qualify and i'm gonna do it! I am kind of excited to find out my blood type as well. Is it weird that I don't know mine? Is that something you're supposed to know? Well, after I find that out I think I might order this book on my Nook, called "Eat Right 4 your Type." It is all about eating for you blood type and what your blood type says about you and your health. My boyfriend said some of the girls in his family have read it, and told me to check it out a long time ago and I am finally getting around to it.

I am getting into the whole nutrition/ good food vs. bad food thing recently (the book "Skinny Bitch" will do that to ya), but I think it is good for me because I admit that I like junk food WAY too much for my own good.

Well, now that I have bored you with deets on me giving blood, I hope y'all have a good Tuesday night!


Monday, March 28, 2011

Ravioli, Holy Canoli!

Last night I finally broke out the ravioli attachment for my Imperia pasta machine, and it was sort of an epic FAIL. I was very disappointed! I made my pasta dough yesterday and then made a delicious filling with fresh baby spinach and artichokes (and accidentally made way too much, so most got frozen). After I rolled out the dough to the appropriate thickness I put the ravioli attachment on, and after like 20 minutes (because I couldn't figure out how to work it) I cranked out about 8 little raviolis from my first pasta sheet. I then put another sheet in and more filling and kept turning and turning and no little pastas came out! I figured out they were just going around the wheel and making a huge green mess! I ended up wasting about half of my dough after trying this several times. I finally decided to make them by hand which worked much better!

The pasta actually turned out really tasty, though it wasn't the prettiest looking meal I have ever made. (I wish I had taken a picture to share, maybe next time, after I master it) I sauteed little chicken tenderloins with just some EVOO and salt and pepper to serve with it.

Does anybody else have this machine and ravioli attachment and have any tips for me? If you don't have a pasta machine I highly encourage you to invest! It is really easy to do, and the pasta tastes so much better than the dried kind from a box. Also, you can make all different kinds, like whole wheat, spinach, roasted red pepper, ect.

I spent my weekend rug/ fabric shopping with my mom on Saturday, then out with friends for one of my best guy friend's birthdays Saturday night. It was so much fun, but lets just say I had 1 too many Blue Moons... oh well! Sunday I got home and watched church live on the internet then went back to sleep for a few hours (we slept on the floor the night before and as one of my friends said "we're getting to old for this" and I was tired!) My mom and I then went and looked at one more fabric store, then I went to the grocery and started cooking dinner.

I bought the book "Skinny Bitch" on my Nook Color last night and started reading it. I like the way it is written, really funny and a fast read, however I am not sure I can go by all the rules (like, no meat!?!) but I think I am going to try. I found that I already do some of the stuff they talked about in the first few chapters, including no coffee or caffeine (I haven't had any in a little over 2 months, I am amazed that I have been able to do this!) But there are many things they say are bad that I eat, like meat, poultry, eggs, SODA! Hopefully the rest of the book will be as insightful, but I heard they go into detail about how animals are processed and killed, which I might not be able to handle (along with the fact they call meat "rotting animal carcasses... sick)

Has anybody else read this book? Anybody stuck to the plan? Let me know if you have or your thoughts on the book!

I hope y'all are having a great Monday!


Friday, March 25, 2011

Sick puppy

Poor little Cupie was really sick today, so sick that mama had to come home from work to take care of her.

So I got to work as usual and about 12:30 my mom called and said when she had gotten home Cu had gotten sick all in her cage and when she let her out in the back yard she was even more sick. My mom had someone coming to pick up furniture from our house so she couldn't take her to the vet so I rushed home. (I literally ran to my car and sped home... what will I act like if I ever have a human child?!?) When I got home my little baby just looked so pitiful and sad and wouldn't even eat a milkbone (the only human word she really knows is "treat" and she would literally scale a wall to get her little grinch paws on a milkbone or 2).

I called my vet and they said to watch her and if she got worse, or if her nose stopped feeling cold and wet, to bring her in. She got sick a few more times, but mostly slept for the rest of the afternoon in my lap. She seems a lot better now, but boy was I worried about my little angel!

Here are a few pictures from over her life to show you why I love that little girl sooo much!

The first day I had her... she was so little!

Playin' at the doggy park!

Pretty pink bows!

Wearing her fave outfit, an elegant evening gown a la Petsmart Disney halloween collection

Well I hope y'all had a great Friday and a great week!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

If only it wasn't going to rain this weekend!

Talk about PERFECT weather, if you live in Atlanta you know what I mean! The one thing I missed while living in Dallas was 4 distinct seasons. There, it was either HOT or cold. There was never really Fall or Spring, but in Atlanta there is and I just love it! I love Springtime; the flowers, the warmer weather, the smell, the general happy feelings! The only negative is pollen, which is trying its hardest to kill me this year (unsuccessfully thanks to zyrtec and several other meds).

Anyways, this weather has got me ready to switch out my winter and summer clothes and throw on a swimsuit and head out to the pool. Unfortunately, it is supposed to rain starting Saturday, Boo! I feel like the weather is always beautiful when I'm stuck in the office, but when the weekend gets here it either gets cold or rainy, or both. Can you tell I am not happy about this?

I might still switch out my clothes, but I will not be donning my suit this weekend... maybe next?

If I were going to be doing a little laying out, here are a few suits I wouldn't mind wearing! (I think I am going to be more of a 1-piece girl this summer, because not getting much exercise and sitting in an office all day has not done wonders for this bod!)

This SUPER CUTE number I saw on this lady's cute blog!

Or this cute La Blanca suit with the ruffle!

And I love this Ondade Mar Suit!

Or this cutie!

Or, just this simple black and white suit!

And the grand finale... this gorg Trina Turk suit (I think this one will be a must for me!)

Do y'all have you eye on any cute suits for this summer?


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I guess I'll Play Along

I've see this on several blogs, so I decided to join in on the fun!

A-Age: 22, almost 23. I can't believe I'm that old! I remember counting down the days until I turned 16!
B-Bed size: Queen and I love it! I grew up in twin beds and had them in my room at my parents until I moved back in and had to put my big bed in there! For such a small dog, Cupie takes up a lot of room!
C-Chore you hate: Doing the dishes. I cannot touch something that someone else has eaten off of. I don't know why but it makes me feel sick. I'm glad I never had a job as a waitress!
D-Dogs: My furbaby is sweet little Cupie, aka Cupid, Cupita, Scooter, Little Dog. She is an angel! My family also has a black-lab mix named Bailey, aka BayBay, Boo, Buddy, Black Dog


E-Essential start to your day: Um, actually getting out of bed? Haha jk Usually washing my face and brushing my teeth
F-Favorite Color: Pink and Green, duh!
G-Gold or Silver: I used to only like silver, but I am more of a gold kind of gal these days.
H-Height: 5'3 1/2"... can't forget the half
I-Instruments you play: I used to play the clarinet and bass clarinet, but I am not sure that I can still play, it has been a while
J-Job title: Case Assistant
K-Kids: Do fur babies count?
L-Live: Atlanta, GA
M-My mom's name: The Beckster 
N-Nickname: Um, I don't know, Baby Ruth? or Ruthdawg
O-Overnight hospital stay: I had really bad asthma as a young child, so I had 2 overnight stays when I was about 3 or 4 I think.
P-Pet Peeve: Bad manners, hearing people eat (weird but I can loose my appetite in an instance), bad drivers (because obvi I'm the best driver in the world), and the list goes on and on...
Q-Quote from a movie: "Anarchy, Anarchy, I don't knnow what it means, but I love it"
"I'm all jacked up on Mountain Dew"
~ Both from the greatest movie ever, Talledega Nights
R-Right/Lefty: Righty
S-Siblings: An older sister and an older brother
T-Time you wake up: Supposed to wake up- 7:15, actual time- 8-ish
U-Underwear: Yes
V-Veggies you dislike: Um, mushrooms, cauliflower, fresh tomatoes
W-What makes you run late: Cupie, or hitting the snooze/ turning off my alarm
X-Xrays you've had: Teeth, elbow, knee, lungs, stomach (Geeze!)
Y-Yummy food you make: Homemade pasta and pizza, oven fried chicken, cupcakes
Z-Zoo animal: big cats

I hope y'all are having a fab Wednesday! I know I can't wait for the weekend to get here, especially if the weather satys as ah-mazing as it is now!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So, it seems like every time I try to "diet" or eat healthier, I become absolutely obsessed with food! Not in a good way either, in a "I would kill for some candy of McDonalds french fries right now" kind of way. You think i'm kidding, but i'm not!

I was thinking about this as I was walking out of my building today. I have to pass a little convenience store on my way to the parking garage, and sometimes I stop in for a little something (now and later's are my fave thing in there), but it took everything I had today not to run in a grab something. I feel like I have absolutely NO self control! I snacked at work, but it was healthy (an orange for my morning snack and a Larabar for my afternoon snack) but at the end of the day I am still hungry.

That's another thing, I don't think "hungry" is the correct word. I think bored and obsessive are more like it. I literally don't think I went more than 10 minutes without thinking about food today! Psycho? Yup!

So, I decided that I need to start menu planning for the week so I don't get too off track, because I am even more obsessive about calendars/ schedules than food. The only problem is that doing this while still living with mom and dad gets difficult, since during the week my dad cooks most of the time. However, I found several great recipes on Gina's skinny Taste and printed them for my dad so hopefully he will make those this week!

Well here's hoping tomorrow I can not think about food all day! And, if anyone has any tips or any good healthy snacks, I would love your input!

I hope y'all had a great Tuesday!


Monday, March 21, 2011

So, about that triathalon

It won't be happening, any time soon, that is. I had high hopes for really "digging deep" and getting into training and eating healthy when the year started, but as the nearly 3 months have passed since the first of the year, my motivation has steadily decreased. For a while I was all over it. Gym almost every day, healthy food/ sticking to weight watchers, the whole-nine-yards. But now I am not.

Today, for example, I decided to go run around a park near my house. I was planning on going after work all afternoon, and I actually went! But... I only made it almost halfway and then my leg started cramping like crazy. It was like a charlie-horse but at the very bottom of my calf. Needless to say, I was finished attempting to run running for the day. And, Georgia is, I think, the capital of pollen and mama was having some seerrrrious asthma troubles. My lungs surely felt the burn.

Well, all that being said, I am getting back into the groove as of TODAY! After a weekend of some seriously high calorie/ fat yummy food in California, (post to come tomorrow) this is just what I need for a little confidence boost! So, I stayed on my weight watchers (except for the 4 Now-and-Laters, but I just COULD NOT resist!) today and at least got a little exercise. Though, I learned my lesson about trying to run outside when it's a pollen storm, don't do it!

Also, warmer weather= shorts, swimsuits and smaller clothing in general, YIKES! That right there is reason enough to get my booty to the gym! I have some cute new items on my Spring/ Summer wish list, but I am not going to buy them till I shed a few lbs and get into somewhat decent shape. That there, is motivation folks!

Ok, well that is all for today! I will be back tomorrow with a recap of our quick trip to SoCal!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Elizabeth McKay

I had never heard of Elizabeth McKay before this fall, but I am in LOVE with tons of her Spring stuff! Here are some cute things that need to make it into my spring/ summer wardrobe!

Hayden Short

Cute Skirt

Elizabeth Shirt

Embroidered Tunic

Sand Dress

Scotland Dress
Love, Love, LOVE!

I hope y'all had a great Tuesday!


I'm still here!

I have been SO bad about blogging recently. I don't know if I'm in a "blogging slump" or have just been to busy/ tired/ lazy to write anything, but I promise I will be back with a super exciting post this evening!


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A very happy Birthday to a very special man!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful boyfriend! I'm sad I don't get to spend it with him, but i'm sure he will have a great day!

Some pics from over the years...
Our first psuedo date, which did not have a great ending! haha

A fraternity formal we went to!

And a sorority foormal... that dress is NOT so flattering, I look preggo for sure

And college graduation!
 Cheers to the bf having a great day!


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ready for Spring/ Summer right now!

I am sooo ready for warmer weather to get here and stay! I can't wait to pull out my boxes (notice the plural, it is sick how many summer clothes I have) and get reacquainted with a little lady named Lilly! I have been checking out some summer clothes and here are a few items I need ASAP:

VV Classic Twill Shorts. I literally live in these during the summer, and I think I am going to have to add the Lemon Drop and Flamingo ones to my wardrobe (and replace my white ones which bit the dust last summer) They have a longer inseam than some shorts, which I like because I am not trying to show all that off.
J Crew Gingham Sonoma Short. Sooo cute, do I even need to explain? Except they have a 3" inseam which might be too short on me, we shall see
J Crew 5" Chino in Shocking Pink. I love the bright neon color! and 5" inseam is more my length
Trina Turk Tropicana Bandeau Bikini (I'll also take her abs, k thanks!)

I even painted my nails a pretty pinkish red last night, its called Watermelon and I am lovin' it! Every time I looked at my hands today it made me smile just a bit! What do y'all think?

Well I hope y'all had a great Tuesday! I now have to turn all of my attention to Glee, Gwen is on!



Monday, March 7, 2011

Cooking up a Storm!

I have been really into cooking recently, especially new things, so this weekend I took the opportunity to make 2 things I have really been wanting to try: pizza and spinach pasta.

Saturday, after my mom and I went to every furniture store in Atlanta (only kidding, but that's what I felt like afterwards), I decided that I would make pizza for an appetizer for myself and my parents. Well, my dad decided we should just have that for dinner, so I went about making a full batch of the pizza dough. It was actually really easy, with the help of a KitchenAid mixer with a dough hook. I had to let it rise, and I red online that if you preheat the oven to 150 degrees and then let is cool down, it will be the perfect warm temperature the dough needs to rise. I was a little crunched for time since I started making it late, so I only let is rise for an hour. After kneading it into a ball, I began to stretch it out. I had to restart like 5 times, because the dough kept breaking (maybe because it didn't rise long enough?) But I finally put the toppings on my 2 pizzas and put them in the oven.... et voila:

This was right when I put it in, it had lost of veggies and proscuitto
Traditional pepperoini pizza right when it went in the oven.

Both pizzas! They look pretty yummy!

Sunday night, I tackled my second item: spinach pasta! My parents gave me a pasta machine for Valentines day, and I have used it several times to make plain pasta, but I wanted to make the spinach on. It was pretty simple, I had to boil the fresh spinach for about a minute then drain and squeeze it dry. Then I put it in the blender and chopped it (however this part didn't work too well since I only used a cup of fresh spinach, which turned into nothing when I cooked it). I then added a little water to make it puree consistency, then  mixed it with the egg and then put all that in the Cuisinart with the flour. It turned out very well, but I did end up adding an extra egg and a little water because it was way too dry! I then rolled it out and cut it and served it in a white wine and butter sauce with onion, garlic and artichokes... yum! Unfortunately, no pictures of that one.

I am excited to try the pizza again, hopefully letting the dough have more time to rise and using a pizza stone (literally a big stone slab you put in your oven and let preheat, then cook the pizza on there) it will be better. 

I hope y'all had a great weekend and Monday!


Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Very Special Birthday!

Today is my mom's birthday!! So, Happy birthday to the best mom in the world!!

I took this of my mom for a project for school last year (it isn't that great, but it was the only pic I could find right now)
 I hope y'all have a great day!


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I have TOTALLY fallen off the bandwagon... and WILW

The fitness bandwagon, that it. I was being so good about working out regularly and eating healthy but that has all gone out the window as of recent. I sort of lost motivation when I found out the race I wanted to do was all full. I know I said I would find another one but it hasn't happened.

I feel SO much better when I work out, and have definitely noticed how tired I have been recently, but still no motivation. zip. Does anybody have any suggestions to get me back into working out regularly and eating better again? I need help now!!!

So, onto What I'm Lovin' Wednesday...

1. These beautiful plates that I first saw at Marshalls in Macon when my mom and I went down to visit my sister about a month ago. I was completely obsessed with the blue and white, but at that point we hadn't made any plans for me to move so I had no need. But, now that plans are in the works and they have them at my local TJ Maxx I think they are a must. I have a really pretty hand painted Mexican bowl that I got at Fiesta in San Antonio that would match these perfectly! And, I no longer really love the dinner wear I already have, these polka dot numbers from Pier 1 Imports.

2. A big Filofax. I have the personal size one that I carry in my purse all the time (even to the bar, I don't know why), but I really want a desk sized one. I think I would go with the same style as the one I already have, except in pink!
Filofax Finsbury personal organizer A5 in Pink

3. That warmer weather is going to be here before we know it! I can't wait till it's "pool season" and so my sweet little Cupie can go swimming because a) she loves it, and b) it is so freaking adorable watching her fetch a mini tennis ball in the water (she is a spaniel after all)

4. Friday is Free Fryday at Chick-Fil-A! If you are an Atlanta native, there are 2 companies that you have to stay loyal to: Coca-Cola and Chick-Fil-A. Since Heinz has introduced s new ketchup packet that you can either squeeze or dip in, my favorite restaurant/ fast-food chain (seriously, I go there all the time, even if it is just for a diet lemonade) will be giving away free medium fries from 2:00- 4:00 pm when you mention the ketchup. Pretty cool, huh? I am def thinking I am going to need a mid-afternoon snack on Fryday!

That's about all for today! I hope y'all had a great Wednesday!