Thursday, August 16, 2012

Crafting mania and other things!

Hello friends!
So recently I have been all about crafting! I think this current obsession started with me getting a sewing/ embroidery machine for my birthday, and is only compounded by the fact that I am hosting a party in a week.

I am currently dying for a Cricut! I'm sure y'all have heard of this amazing machine, but if you haven't, here's the deal: its like a printer, except instead of printing, it cuts the paper. This may not sound that appealing to everybody (if it doesn't, you're crazy...only kidding... kind of), but I can think of MILLIONS of things I would use it for. One big one would be making cute gift tags because sometimes I want to add a cute little tag instead of using my enclosures.
I need one of these!
I also have some cute projects i'm making for my sister's bachelorette party next weekend and the Cricut would be really helpful! They're all surprises for my sister so I will have to share after the party!

Does anyone have a cricut? I need to know how people like them!

In other news, school started back this week. I think its funny really dislike the fact that everyone says 1L is the hardest year of law school. They all lie. I feel like I have had to work my tail off so far and i'm only 1 week in! I might have also brought some of this hardship upon myself, considering I signed up to have class on Wednesdays basically from 9am to 9pm. The upside to that? I only have a half day on Thursdays and no school on Fridays!! I'll take a 3 day weekend any day!

Since I had the afternoon off today, I started doing a little crafting and also hit up my favorite store, Homegoods! I finally bought some apothecary jars which I have wanted FOREVER but really never had a use for them. But, since i'm having people over next weekend, I figured they would provide a cute way to tie in my sister's wedding colors, pink and navy. I tried to get some different shapes and sizes but I kept them all pretty small. I love the huge ones, but I had no idea what I would fill them with! I glad I snagged them at HG, because I thought about going to get them at Michaels and they were WAY more expensive there and didn't have the same variety.
Sort of hard to see, sorry!
Do y'all love apothecary jars as much as I do? I really love when people get really small ones to use for q-tips and such in a bathroom!

I also got some new running shoes today from Road Runner Sports. If y'all have one of these where you live you need to go and get fitted for some good shoes! We have several different local running stores in atlanta but the fit process and help I got today was superb! Although it is a little pricy (especially with the custom insoles they make for you on the spot) I think it will be worth it and hopefully prevent my shin splints from worsening. Also, it was pretty interesting. They showed you everything about your gait as well as how your feet are shaped with your arch and whatnot.

That's all for today! I hope y'all are having a great week!!


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