Monday, August 15, 2011

Sorry, this has been a stressful week!

So I know I said I would be back in full force last week, but obvi that didn't happen. Between law school orientation and Cupie getting sick, I had zero time to blog.

Luckily, Cupie is doing so much better! She is still sick and has not been interested in eating at all, but she is so much better than she was a week ago. She is on tons of meds to clear up the pneumonia and to keep her tummy settled since the antibiotics are so strong. Poor little thing has lost some weight, so I am hoping her tummy gets back in check asap and she can put on a pound or two.

Orientation went so well and I have met lots of great people! The first day or two were super awkward because nobody really knew each other and everyone asked the "where are you from?" and "where did you go to undergrad?" questions probably a million times. But hey, what else do you say to complete strangers?

So I finally uploaded pictures from the beach and I am just going to do a photo dump. Hope you don't mind!
An alligator in the marsh

Mom and dad doing some work in the incrediable kitchen 

A buck that was snacking right behind out house

View from the back porch of the house we stayed in, the ocean is in the distance

The same buck heading into the marsh

My dad

Lots of pelicans flying above

We surprised my dad by inviting his childhood friends down for the weekend. This is when his first friend showed up.

My dad and his childhood best friend. Notice his friend wearing a fake ponytail and earring... hilarious!

The golf course across the marsh from the house is the Ocean Course. These are my dad and his friends playing on dad's birthday. (I know, you can't tell it's them but it is.)

Dad opening a gift from mom, a Smathers and Branson belt with fishing flies on it.

family picture in our t-shirts my dad's friend had made. We all look a little rough!

My sister and soon-to-be brother-in-law

Well that's all i've got for today. I'll let y'all know how the house is coming tomorrow, I hope to be in by Labor Day!

Back to briefing cases, yay! ha


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Ruth said...

I am glad the pup is feeling better.
And your Dad's weekend looks wonderful