Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Crazy Week!

Just a warning, I might not be around too much this week because it is going to be a crazy one! I apologize in advance if I don't post or comment much, and the next 2 weeks may not be any different because I will be relaxing at the beach!!!!

This is my last week at my job and I have really mixed emotions about it. I am so excited to start the next "chapter" of my life when August 15 rolls around, but I am also really sad to be leaving. I have met so many great people in my office and feel so blessed to have had the chance to work at an excellent law firm. Though, I am the first to admit that working this summer has been HARD! I was not ready for not having a free summer for the first time ever! #postgradproblems. But, having this trip to the beach to look forward to has made it easier. Enough bishing about how summer vacay doesn't exist when you're a grown up...

This week I will be finishing up all of the random projects I have left at work and packing everything I own some stuff for the beach. I have started laying things out, and this is what I have so far:
Check out the Harrods teddy bear in the background I won on my study abroad in London for my excellent storytelling abilities!

I will probably be taking some stuff out, but this doesn't even include my toiletries (I literally travel with a pharmacy and every beauty product known to man!) But don't worry, my sunscreen is already in my super cute beach bag that my friend Kimmy gave me for my birthday this year (the orange and aqua coral bag). It is even monogrammed! I will try to share it with y'all this week, along with everything that goes with me to the beach!

Ok, that's all i've got for today. I hope y'all are having a great week and it is flying by like mine is!!


Oh, PS- Great news, my camera is not broken!!! After it got wet on July 4th the battery had a short, so with a new battery it is working again! I will have to share the pictures from that day soon (another thing to add to the to-do list!)

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