Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Belated 4th!

I hope y'all had a fabulous 4th of July Weekend! Mine was great, though I was on-the-go constantly!

Friday after work, my parents and I met with our contractor for the new house and went over final plans. The best news was that they are going to start today!!! After an afternoon nap (I was soo tired because I picked up my brother from the airport at 1 am Friday morning) I headed to dinner with some girlfriends. I had already "splurged" by eating chicken fingers and french fries for lunch, and slipped up again with pizza for dinner. Ooops... but treating myself every once in a while helps me stay on track weight watchers wise. After dinner we hung out at my friends house and played with her pug child and her dad's pug child, who she was baby sitting. They are some funny dogs!

Saturday we hit the ground running. My mom and I went to a lighting store in Alpharetta looking for light fixtures. We ended up leaving with 3 new lamps and no fixtures. Our B. We then hit up HomeGoods for some July 4th decor, but they had nothing. How unpatriotic? After that we headed to Henri's, a great bakery/ sandwich shop staple in Atlanta to pick up lunch and some petite fours  for the fam. After lunch, we headed back out to some other lighting places, where we found a fixture we liked for the bathroom, but wanted my dad to see it. However, when he went to take a look at it and order it, they informed him it was discontinued. Wouldn't you think they would have mentioned that to us when we were in there before that? Ugh!!

After a trip to the grocery and Costco we finally made it home to prepare a delish steak dinner, and once again I was in bed early. I was pooped after a non-stop day!

Sunday started with an AMAZING church service. If you have never heard of Dr. Michael Youssef, go check out his blog. He also is the founder of Leading the Way, an incredible radio program that broadcasts all over the Middle East teaching about Christ. His sermon was special for the 4th, and was inspiring and made me really think about how far our country has strayed from its beginnings based on Christian principles. Watch his sermon here.

After church, my mom and I started cooking for our BBQ the next day, and were in the kitchen all day. I did take Cupie to Petco to get some food, and I am sad to say that she has become very shy. She was scared to death and made me hold her the entire time. She used to LOVE going to pet stores and the dog park. Now she hates both. :( Later, dinner at Houston's was necessary because none of us wanted to cook.

Yesterday we got up bright and early to drop my brother off at the start of the Peachtree Road race, the largest 10k in the US, and then we grabbed Cu and headed to a spot on the sidelines to watch him run. Cupie was scared then too, but not nearly as bad. My sister and her dog came as well, so I think that made her more at ease. After waiting forever and thinking we missed him, we finally saw him run by, so we headed home to get things set up for the BBQ.

We had several friends over and spent the day outside for the most part. I rained some, and unfortunately I accidentally left Canon Rebel outside when the downpour started. Luckily my dad saw it and grabbed it, but now it won't turn on. My second cousin is a photo expert and was there when it happened, so she said she would take it to her old camera store today when she dropped her film off (she doesn't believe in digital). I'm hoping it is not completely ruined!!! I also had some great pictures on it, so I am really hoping those can be salvaged. To say I am mad at myself for leaving it outside is an understatement. Hopefully it will be ok and I can share my pics with y'all soon!

After eating some great cookout food and having one too many beers/ sangria, my WW points are shot for the week. But, it was worth it to celebrate with family and friends, including my brother who was in town from California. I ended up going to bed around 9 because I was sooo tired and my head hurt for aforementioned beers, so no fireworks for me this year.

I hope y'all had a great long weekend and celebrated my favorite holiday right!


Sorry for no pics, but i'm sure you understand my camera situation!


Sam {fitnessfoodandfaith.blogspot.com} said...

sounds like a great time :)

Sundresses and Smiles said...

I hate camera issues! It sounds like you're making great house progress too!