Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Decorating obsessed!

In the spare time that I have had recently, I have had only one thing on the brain... decorating! We have gotten so much done for the new house and I cannot wait to move in! We recently had a little "ladies sofa" redone for my bedroom and I am in love! When I first saw this bad boy it was covered in tattered green velvet and looked worse for the wear. But, after a little furniture polish and a new fabric, it is totally my style! I can definitely see Cupie lounging up there!
I love the old look to this, I think it is perfect for a lady's bedroom!

Here is an up-close of the fabric. I like that the more modern geometric print offsets the older styler of the sofa.
We have had several other pieces redone, but I won't bore y'all since this is one of my favorite! (Well maybe I have some other faces but those will have to wait for another day!)

I have been dying to pick out all of the fun accents like rugs, art, etc. but I think that is all going to have to wait until I get everything moved in and settled... Speaking of which, moving needs to happen ASAP because it looks like my parents should be on an episode of hoarders these days.
Exhibit A:
This would be their guest bedroom which has been full of my stuff for months! I know they are getting sick of it, as am I!
So, my question for y'all is, where do I get cute prints/ decor for my house? I love The Pink Pagoda and will be purchasing several prints there, but I am sort of lost otherwise. HELP!

I hope everyone has had a great Tuesday! I am so glad this is only a four day week, because I am already exhausted!!



Ruth said...

Check out allposters.com i have found cute stuff there to be framed.

Sundresses and Smiles said...

I love the fabric you chose for the sofa! I know you're so excited for the big move! And hmm...I'm not very Etsy savvy but I know they have TONS of affordable art options!