Monday, September 5, 2011

It has been a while!

Happy Labor Day! Once again, sorry for being so MIA! I think I need to schedule in blogging on my agenda or it will never get done!

So, whats going on in my world? Basically school. I pretty much spend all my time during the school week and Sundays doing work, but I have had a chance to meet tons of fun people and go out with them a few times. I went out Friday night with some people from school and we had a great time! Like, didn't get home till 4 am fun. (That is so not me considering y'all know I like to be in bed by 9 pm) But being a little tired on Saturday was worth it!

The house is coming along slowly but surely! However, just as we thought we were entering the home stretch, we decided to redo the basement. I may move in by the time I graduate! Only kidding!

I also had a little ooopsie with my car. Ok, more than a little, I have to get both of my passenger doors replaced. I hit a pole leaving school one day last week and what I thought was a "minor dent" is actually some serious damage. I know it was my fault, but I am still blaming it on the fact that I was in a garage I had never been in, haha.
Not good!

Cupie is finally back to normal, praise the Lord! I was starting to really get scared when she was so sick and then she had a pulled muscle. If it isn't one thing, it's another, right? Well she seems to be a-ok these days and I am so thankful and praying that she stays healthy!

I have some fun projects for the new house that are in the works (if I EVER have any free time) so I will keep y'all up to date on those!

I hope y'all have a fabulous and relaxing day!!


PS- my Ponies sadly lost last night against Texas A&M, but I know they are going to be great this season!

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Sundresses and Smiles said...

Ugh, sorry about your car!! Mine has a little bump on it from hitting a pole thing as I was leaving the carwash at the beginning of the summer!