Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bringing in the NEW

2011 was quite a year for me, and although I was sad to see it go at midnight Saturday, I am happy to start anew in 2012. Lots of big things happened in my life in 2011, some great and some not so much, but I thought I would sum up the year for memory's sake.

I actually worked a 9-5 job! (even though it started in 2010, that was a big deal since it was my first job out of college)

I applied to law schools! I got into some and didn't get into others, but it seems to have worked out.

I broke up with a guy I thought I might spend the rest of my life with... wow that was a biggie. However, I realize that it is definitely for the best and I am pretty happy these days!

I celebrated my dad's 70th birthday with friends and family in a beautiful beach house.
We all wore matching t-shirts for my dad's birthday... we all look a little rough!

I moved out of my parents house into my own house!!!
Picture of the back of the house before construction, I couldn't find any other good ones
I ended my first real job and started law school

I watched one good friend get married and celebrated the engagement of 2 other friends and my sister!
My sister and soon-to-be brother in law

Engagement party for my sister
I accidentally wrecked my car hitting a pole and had to get 2 new doors. Oy

I started going to bootcamp at 5:45 am 4 days a week and got serious about getting in shape and losing weight! (Even though I started slacking on the diet after the first month, I still got out there for the EARLY workouts)

I survived my first semester of law school, including two terrible weeks of exams.

I started cooking a lot more, and I learned how to cook home made pasta and pizza (probably not very healthy, but very good!)

I don't have many regrets about 2011 and I think I had a pretty darn good year! I hope y'all did as well!!


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Sundresses and Smiles said...

Sounds like a good year to me and so much more good is sure to come in 2012!

That ring ice sculpture at your sister's engagement party is incredible!!