Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Address labeling to the Extreme!

I think I explained here about my affinity towards paper products, but I may or may not have gone a little overboard yesterday and today.

It all started when I was sending a valentine to my bff Lauren (if you're reading this I guess you and Lu know your surprise now!) and I realized I didn't have any sort of address sticker/ stamp/ embosser to put my return address on. No biggie, I just wrote it, but it got me thinking. I have always wanted a PSA Essentials address stamp and was just waiting until I had a more permanent address to order one. Well, hello, I have had a pretty permanent address for months now and have completely forgotten about it. So, I went on Rossomer Square's website and ordered the Cipher Deluxe stamp. Done and done.
I just got my monogram in the middle and my address around the outside, I didn't end up putting my name on it.

The only problem is, yesterday I bought a deal for some Erin Condren address labels on One Kings Lane. (my first purchase from them, it was a pretty good deal. I used to be obsessed with Gilt until it started to be like "will ship in 9 years"... slight exaggeration, but you get it. That being said, I may be back on the flash sale site bandwagon. The only thing I thought was weird was that I paid on OKL for the "deal" but then I had to pay separately on the Erin Condren website for shipping Even so, it was a steal!) I got the rectangle candy lace pink and lime label. I may be WAY behind the bandwagon, but I had never heard of Erin Condren before. However,  I am pretty sure when my old August-to-August planner (anybody else use those bad boys?) runs out I will be purchasing one of their adorable planners!

So now here I am with not 1, but 2 forms of address labeling coming to my front door. And the crazy thing? Almost all of my stationery already has the address printed or embossed on the envelope. I'm a nut.

Anywho, I got an awesome deal on Rossomer Square, a stamp that usually costs $40 was only $27, not bad eh? Head on over there if you are in the market for a stamp because that deal is too hard to pass up! Or head over to OKL and purchase some Erin Condren goodies.

Anybody else paper-obsessed? Don't even get me started on cocktail napkins... oy!

I hope y'all have had a lovely day! I know I have! (It did involve checking out a few more Marshalls/ TJs/ HomeGoods... Beyond ridiculous, I know)



Ashley said...

Such a great stamp!! Erin Condren's planner is the one I use daily and it's the best!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

I am the same way--I love stationery and notepads of all kinds!

Maddie said...

I've been wanting one of these stamps for so long. I saw them in a stationery store in New Orleans and almost bought it. Ah, jealous!