Monday, February 6, 2012

House Tour Part Two: Beds and Baths

I'm back with another round of house pictures! These are of the two bedrooms in the house, my room and the guest room. As you'll be able to tell, striped walls were definitely a must!

I hope y'all enjoy!

Guest room and bath:
The guest bath is a little small and the blue tile is BAD, but after replacing the vanity and at least changing the tile on the floor from that blue to white, I think it looks pretty good! It was originally r.e.t.r.o. The entire bath was that shade of blue and the shower still is.

A monogrammed shower curtain is an absolute necessity!

The lighting in this picture is terrible, but the twin beds were my dad and his brother's when they were little and we also my brother's when he was little. I think a lot of people aren't into the whole twin bed thing (I was pretty much the only one of my friends to have them when I was little) but I find them fairly useful. Also, the shams are a little granny (the quilts match on the other side) but we looked everywhere for something to match that yellow that wouldn't break the bank. One day I want to have shams and duvet covers made from a really pretty fabric we found that is yellow with purple/ blue hydrangeas.

Better lighting. That chair was a find from my mom and dad's attic and the fabric on it is really pretty blue embroidered linen.

Since the bath is so small, we put this bathroom cabinet (I don't know what is its called) just inside the bedroom to stash extra towels, etc.

The chest is from Tarjay that I have had since sophomore year of college. I put it together myself! haha It is very sturdy, though, and currently houses all of my winter sweaters.

Some Paris prints, another find from mom and dad's attic, add a little snaz to the striped walls.

Master bedroom and bath:
My bedroom! Sometimes it feels a little pre-teeny bopper with all the pink but I love it!!

Y'all have seen this little "lady's sofa" in this post. The only lady who sits on it is little Miss. Cupie. And do you see her Andy Warhol-esq picture on the wall behind it? What a diva!

I wrote about this in the "what I'm Lovin" tab above, but this is a lamp I got while I was in college from The Pink Giraffe and it goes perfectly with my pink and green theme! It's hard to see, but its monogrammed (duh!) haha Oh, and the light switches behind it, lets just say the lights in my house are pretty confusing so I went CRAZY with the label maker. Obsessive compulsive right there...

My chest, a find from Scott's (it is really bothering me that the bottom drawer isn't all the way closed!!!)

My closet, which is pretty big but I can't seem to fit all of my junk in, and my tiny t.v. The table the tv is on was my grandparents and its a sewing table so it has some cool drawers and such. Also, the top has a sea shell design in a lighter wood that is so cute! And the corner chair didn't end up in a corner and is usually covered in clothes that have been taken off, but it has a cute green toile fabric.

My bath! This looks so much better than it did before we gutted it! (See picture below, the bath used to be 2 rooms) It is great and has plenty of room for all of my cosmetic and beauty products because y'all know I tend to hoard that stuff! And I like the privacy wall in from of the toilet so its hidden away a bit.


This cabinet used to be in my bathroom at my parents and I love it! It gives extra storage space and I like the look of a real piece of furniture in the bathroom. (the top blue towels are flooded wonky and are totally bothering me!! haha)



Whoa, that was a long post! What do y'all think? I hope you enjoyed!

I hope to have the rest of the house for you soon!



Sundresses and Smiles said...

I'm loving the yellow and pink stripes! My boyfriend has two twin beds in his guest room that were his when he was a little boy!

Portuguese Prepster said...

love the monogrammed shower curtain!