Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tuesday Thoughts

I know you're all so interested to know whats been on my mind, so here ya go! (Warning: may be random)

I learned last week never to put on hand lotion before opening a jar. I finally got it open, got some honey out and put the lid back on. I was putting it back in the pantry, holding it by the lid when the bottom came off and crashed to the floor. I thought it was tight enough, but I guess not. And THEN, while I was cleaning it up, I cut the bejeezus out of my finger! Lesson learned.

I have a serious addiction to salty food. A few days ago I decided to treat myself to a cupcake from Piece of Cake (amazing!!!) but for some reason i pulled into chick-fil-a and got fries instead. I don't know why, because I was thinking about that cupcake all friggin day!

I am digging blogging more often.

Im pretty sure my dog is the most precious thing on this planet, and I am not at all bias. I mean, check this nugget out!
Obvi she needed an outfit for our party last weekend!
I need a new wardrobe, pronto! I am not saying this because I am bored with my closet. I actually love so many things in there, I just can't fit my large back side in them! Ok, its not that large, but too large to fit into a lot of my clothes. I have refused to give away several items that are collecting dust because I hope to get back into them some day.  I just see them as motivation! (should have thought of that when I swung through Chick-fil-a the other day)

My iPhone 3gs is about to bite the dust and I am dreading having to get a new phone. Y'all, I love the features on the iPhone but dang they are pricy on my limited budget. Cupie's gotta eat, ya know?

I have a major problem with magazines. As in I subscribe to too many, look at them once and pile em up. The stacks I have going now are getting pretty high so I think I need to go through them and tear out anything I like (workouts, recipes) and recycle all the rest. I didn't resubscribe to Glamour this year, so thats a start (although I did subscribe to Shape instead, woof).

I am pretty much obsessed with the gel nail polish trend. I love that it doesn't chip (for the most part) for 2 weeks! However, I am kind of scared it does bad things to your nails and I have how it looks when my nails have grown out for 2 weeks (the gap between the cuticle and the polish). Despite those minor downturns, my nails have looked pretty fab for the past few months with very little effort.

I need to start liking healthy foods more, but anything fried or with butter just tastes so much better!

Looking for a summer job is hard...

I just started volunteering with Girls on the Run, Atlanta and it is so much fun! The girls are mostly in 3rd grade and are so stink in cute!

Thats all I've got for today, check back in tomorrow because I am going to do a lil recap of my valentines party!



Katherine Diane said...

I love your dog. I have wanted to get a dog like that since I was little. I hope to get one when I graduate college. :)

Love your blog!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

I love this randomness--Cupie's tutu is precious! I love Chick-fil-A but am facing a similar problem of squeezing into some of my clothes...