Thursday, March 24, 2011

If only it wasn't going to rain this weekend!

Talk about PERFECT weather, if you live in Atlanta you know what I mean! The one thing I missed while living in Dallas was 4 distinct seasons. There, it was either HOT or cold. There was never really Fall or Spring, but in Atlanta there is and I just love it! I love Springtime; the flowers, the warmer weather, the smell, the general happy feelings! The only negative is pollen, which is trying its hardest to kill me this year (unsuccessfully thanks to zyrtec and several other meds).

Anyways, this weather has got me ready to switch out my winter and summer clothes and throw on a swimsuit and head out to the pool. Unfortunately, it is supposed to rain starting Saturday, Boo! I feel like the weather is always beautiful when I'm stuck in the office, but when the weekend gets here it either gets cold or rainy, or both. Can you tell I am not happy about this?

I might still switch out my clothes, but I will not be donning my suit this weekend... maybe next?

If I were going to be doing a little laying out, here are a few suits I wouldn't mind wearing! (I think I am going to be more of a 1-piece girl this summer, because not getting much exercise and sitting in an office all day has not done wonders for this bod!)

This SUPER CUTE number I saw on this lady's cute blog!

Or this cute La Blanca suit with the ruffle!

And I love this Ondade Mar Suit!

Or this cutie!

Or, just this simple black and white suit!

And the grand finale... this gorg Trina Turk suit (I think this one will be a must for me!)

Do y'all have you eye on any cute suits for this summer?



Young and Fabulous said...

omg in LOVE with the red/white stripe and blue bow bathing suit. that is adorable!!

its SNOWING here..FREAKING SNOWING in Boston. What is this crap! haha I cant wait for warm weather :)


Pink Champagne said...

Love anything with a ruffle or a bow and these suits fit the bill! And that last print? Gorgeous! XO

Buckhead Belle said...

Hiiiii, thanks for the shout-out! I am loving all of your picks... so cute!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

hii!! lots of comments for me today! it's been a busy two days, so i'm trying to catch up on my blog reading! i love that la blanca suit! i bought a white ruched, strapless one by them this past summer and love it-- so flattering!