Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I'm Lovin'

This week I am absolutely lovin'...

1. This adorable camera strap for my Canon Rebel. I know, I know, I am supposed to not be spending on "frivolous" things, but how cute? I know the ole' Canon strap works just as well, but I really want this to spice my camera up!

2. These super cute Karen Walker sunglasses. They look like wayfarers but are a little more unique with the tortoise shell.
3. That things are movin' with the whole apartment thing. I know where I am going to live, we have gotten almost all of the furniture, furniture that needs refinishing was picked up Friday to get all fixed up,  we've gotten 1 rug, and my fabrics are all picked out. Here are some snap shots of my fabrics that we choose. The only things left are getting things upholstered, signing a lease (minor detail) and decorating, yay!

All of the fabrics we liked after going to 3 giant fabric stores. (sorry, it's kinda hard to see!)

The one in the upper left is going to be for bar stool cushions, and the one in the upper right is going to be used to make a duvet and shams. 

The top fabric here is for my platform rocker for my office area (it's not a rocking chair, don't worry I'm not going for the senior citizen/ preggo decor look) the second is for 2 smaller "lady" chairs that will be in my office. The third is for a little chair in my bedroom.

The bottom 2 are the only ones we are using in the photo. The very bottom is for 2 chairs in my living room (they will match my green sofa so well) and the one above that is for cushions for my dining room chairs. 
I know it seems like a lot, but they will all be spread out and it won't be bam, all in your face.

4. I donated blood today for the first time! As I said yesterday I was a little nervous, but it really wasn't that bad. The screening/ testing part took the longest and was really intense (for obvious reasons, we don't want unhealthy people donating blood, right?) I did really well and it did not take me too long to give a pint (thanks to all the water I had yesterday and today) but after that they take 6 tubes of blood. Apparently those 6 were too much and I came within an inch of passing out cold! I felt SO sick for a while, but the nurses were great and before I knew it I was at the "canteen" munchin' on some oreos and drinking a little apple juice. It was a good experience, and I am so glad I signed up at the last minute!

5. Jonathan Adler! I love some of his colorful home stuff, and I think I need these items:
Kissing Giraffe Pillow
Elephant Needlepoint Pillow
Zebra Rug: I would totally put this in the middle of my kitchen, LOVE!
Hot pink Moroccan Pouf!
Well those are some of the things I am lovin' this week, I am sure I could go on-and-on, but I will spare y'all!

I hope you had a fab Wednesday!



Shasta Anne said...

Fun, fun, fun! I really enjoy decorating. Every fabric choice is lovely, my favorites are the two in the last pic for your living room chairs. Jonathon Adler is pretty great! His designs are just so dynamic and bold and I love that!

McKenzie said...

Ohh, very cute camera strap. I've actually been in the market for one -- definitely heading over to check these out :) I'm your newest follower!