Monday, March 28, 2011

Ravioli, Holy Canoli!

Last night I finally broke out the ravioli attachment for my Imperia pasta machine, and it was sort of an epic FAIL. I was very disappointed! I made my pasta dough yesterday and then made a delicious filling with fresh baby spinach and artichokes (and accidentally made way too much, so most got frozen). After I rolled out the dough to the appropriate thickness I put the ravioli attachment on, and after like 20 minutes (because I couldn't figure out how to work it) I cranked out about 8 little raviolis from my first pasta sheet. I then put another sheet in and more filling and kept turning and turning and no little pastas came out! I figured out they were just going around the wheel and making a huge green mess! I ended up wasting about half of my dough after trying this several times. I finally decided to make them by hand which worked much better!

The pasta actually turned out really tasty, though it wasn't the prettiest looking meal I have ever made. (I wish I had taken a picture to share, maybe next time, after I master it) I sauteed little chicken tenderloins with just some EVOO and salt and pepper to serve with it.

Does anybody else have this machine and ravioli attachment and have any tips for me? If you don't have a pasta machine I highly encourage you to invest! It is really easy to do, and the pasta tastes so much better than the dried kind from a box. Also, you can make all different kinds, like whole wheat, spinach, roasted red pepper, ect.

I spent my weekend rug/ fabric shopping with my mom on Saturday, then out with friends for one of my best guy friend's birthdays Saturday night. It was so much fun, but lets just say I had 1 too many Blue Moons... oh well! Sunday I got home and watched church live on the internet then went back to sleep for a few hours (we slept on the floor the night before and as one of my friends said "we're getting to old for this" and I was tired!) My mom and I then went and looked at one more fabric store, then I went to the grocery and started cooking dinner.

I bought the book "Skinny Bitch" on my Nook Color last night and started reading it. I like the way it is written, really funny and a fast read, however I am not sure I can go by all the rules (like, no meat!?!) but I think I am going to try. I found that I already do some of the stuff they talked about in the first few chapters, including no coffee or caffeine (I haven't had any in a little over 2 months, I am amazed that I have been able to do this!) But there are many things they say are bad that I eat, like meat, poultry, eggs, SODA! Hopefully the rest of the book will be as insightful, but I heard they go into detail about how animals are processed and killed, which I might not be able to handle (along with the fact they call meat "rotting animal carcasses... sick)

Has anybody else read this book? Anybody stuck to the plan? Let me know if you have or your thoughts on the book!

I hope y'all are having a great Monday!


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Sundresses and Smiles said...

that is SO cool you have a pasta maker!! i'm jealous!