Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Every Day Jewels

No WILW this week, I have been planning on doing this post but never got around to it, so here goes...

I know many women love to change up their jewlery/ accessories every day;  to wither match their clothes, mood, ect. I am not one of those ladies. Sometimes I wish I were because I love how some people can add the perfect earrings or statement necklace and really make their outfit. I am BAD at that, so I always steer clear. I love the look of dangly earrings, but I have very few pairs and never can figure out when to wear them. I think I need more now that I have thought about it so much for this post. Anywho, here is my everyday jewlery look:

Left hand:

My watch: I love this watch, which I got for college graduation from my parents. It goes with everything and I have literally worn it every day since I got it last May. I feel naked without a watch, does anyone else? The best part about the watch is that my parents had the bottom side engraved with my monogram and the date of my graduation. This will always be a very special piece of jewlery for me.

David Yurman mini cable bracelet with pearls: I like how simple this bracelet is and it goes with everything. I got it for my 20th birthday from mom and dad and I wear it all the time. I like that it has silver and gold so I can wear it with either (though I have definately started liking gold way more... too bad it's WAY more expensive. Boo!)

James Avery Open Sorrento Ring: I got this from my parents this year for Christmas, and I love it. I searched high and low for a gold middle finger ring. I wanted something without gem stones that was simple but different (you follow me?) I thought about a signet ring, but my mom convinced me that wasn't the best choice (my monogram won't always be the same, or at least I hope!). I saw this online, and I went to try it on and just loved it.

Right hand:

Saphire ring (bad pic, IRL its much more detailed): I got this beaut for my 21st birthday, once again from mom and dad (see a trend here?) I looked everywhere for a special ring for that birthday, and looked at estate and antique jewelers all over Atlanta. I saw this one early on and liked it, but wasn't sure. I had no idea what my parents decided to get me until they came to Dallas to celebrate my birthday and I opened this. I love it because it is unique and has sentimental value.


Usually any gold stud-type of earring. I got this pair from my mom. She used to wear smaller earrings but hasn't in a while, so she gave all the stud-like ones to my sister and I. These are starbursts and they get lots of wear!

What are your every day jewels?

Also, random side note. Did anybody else get the Boden catalogue today? SUCH cute stuff, I might have to make some purchases!

I hope y'all had a great Wednesday, it's almost the weekend!!!!



Sundresses and Smiles said...

love those gold earrings! i have a silver cuff bracelet with my initials engraved that i find myself wearing over and over again!

Christina - Summer Year Round said...

I love those earrings - so cute!