Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New healthy lifestyle and other randoms

As I mentioned yesterday, I am starting a new "health initiative." Haha calling it that makes me feel like it's a government program or something really important. Anywho, I am really digging in to the whole losing weight and toning up thing. I am totally embarrassed at how I have "let myself go" over the past 8 months. I finally realized it Sunday before church when I had to try on 5 dresses before I could find one to fit over my fat a$$. I kid you not. It is a bad feeling to know that I am responsible for this and it kills me to think that I won't be able to wear any of my cute summer clothes because they are too tight. So, as a family, we have decided to get back on Weight Watchers and I have decided to work out at least 5 days a week before work (or in the morning if it's the weekend). Weight Watchers is actually really easy and it works. I stayed really strict on the program for a while last Fall and lost over 10 pounds!

I am not at all having a pity party and calling myself "fat" because I hate that word and know I am healthy, but slightly overweight for my height (according to my doctor). So I have got to do this, both because I want to be as healthy as possible, and because I want to wear my cute clothes (vain, I know. My b).

Yesterday was the first day on WW and I did pretty well, but went over my points because my dad and I went to a burrito place for dinner and I had a beer. One of my big things with this is no drinking on weekdays. I don't usually drink except for on the weekends anyway, but I cheated a little last night.

As for the gym, I have been going a lot recently, and going in the morning makes me feel good all day! I also want to be able to run the 5k Race for the Cure I am signed up for on May 7. I want to run the whole thing and not feel like crap. I know I can do it, but training at the gym and doing strength training will help tremendously.

So, enough  about dieting healthier life styles (I hate the word "diet," it just makes me want to do the exact opposite) on to some random stuff:

I am mad at Bloomingdale's and I have decided that I am not shopping there anymore! Apparently they changed their credit agreements, but never notified their card holders. I talked with credit services up in arms, and and the guy told me they informed the stores. Well great, because the stores are the ones using their card to purchase items. No, roo! (rude) I don't want to cancel my account because that is no bueno for your credit, but you better believe they will no longer be getting my business, which is big since they used to be my go-to store.

I have a reception for GSU Law admitted students and here is my outfit:

Cheesin' hardcore, and I didn't have any bronzer on yet, so I look ghostly!!!
This is a new dress-suit my mom got me, and I am lovin' it! I will def be sporting this to church Easter Sunday, and will get tons of wear out of it this Spring and Summer! (Thanks mom!!) And the shoes.... I DIE. They are my faves! They are pink patent with a small platform and they have a little shimmer to them. Stuart Weitzman did me well with these bad boys!

Has anyone tried any of the new Under Armour Charged Cotton shirts? I hate working out in t-shirts because they get all gross, so I always wear some sort of quick-dry workout top (but nothing tight, nobody wants to see that at the gym) I am thinking about getting a few because they are supposed to be moisture-wicking and are super soft.

I am still having skin issues! I think I jinxed myself by saying I usually have good skin!! I am thinking that maybe I have the wrong Clinique Clarifying Lotion. I use number 1, which is for very dry skin, and I think my skin is more "dry" than "very dry." I am thinking about ordering the Kate Somerville ExfoliKate to use twice a week and see if my skin clears up. However, it is super expensive so I am still thinking about it. I also might order the EradiKate for sudden blemishes. Does anybody know these products/ the brand and can give some advice?!?

Well, I think I have bored y'all enough, so have a great Tuesday!!


P.S.- I'll be back later with a cute pic of Cupie for Tail Waggin' Tuesday

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Sundresses and Smiles said...

check out dannon light and fit yogurts (i buy the harris teeter generics if you have a teeter). they're really good and only 80 calories! also good luck at your orientation, you'll be great!