Friday, April 8, 2011

Government Shutdown

Warning: this is a rant and my own personal opinion. I don't expect anybody to agree, and if I offend you or your personal beliefs, my b. If you don't want to read about my political views, close this NOW!

Ok, so lets talk about this government shutdown. It is driving me nuts! It is all about politics, but isn't everything that happens in government? Whether we like it or not, when political figures make decisions, the next election is always in the back of their mind. Now we are seemingly stuck because concessions given aren't enough.

I have read and listened to both Fox News and CNN recently, and big surprise, they are telling different stories! CNN is stressing how Republicans are holding things up because of abortion and Planned Parenthood. They quote the president of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, talking about this as an issue of women's rights and how no money for P.P. would inhibit women's rights to get birth control, etc. My thoughts on this: don't engage in sex if you don't want a child, abstinence is something people have forgotten all about!! It is 100% effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies and STI's. Just sayin...

However, Fox News is describing the opposite, proposing that Democrats are holding things up because they won't concede to all of the spending cuts. Fox also questions why the Democrat-controlled House and Senate did not pass a budget before turnover in January. Why didn't they? Politics!! (I am a Fox watcher usually, but I do go to CNN to get the other side of the story.)

Here is what makes me really mad: it is not one side's fault, it is both side's fault. What we know about the situation is not all there is to know, that is why all of these talks with Obama have been behind closed doors. There is plenty that the American people do not know and will not know about the budget. One thing people do know; it is going to stink if the government shuts down. Here are several reasons why: national parks will close, DC will basically shut down because there is no "state" government there, members of the military and their families might not get paid on time! The last is huge for me, these people are willing to DIE for us, and they deserve to get paid on time!

So what to do? I have no idea, that's why I can't imagine being a politician. Stress. I know if there is a shutdown one party will be blamed, and relying on what I have seen on other FB statuses and news in general, it will be Republicans. I think it will be on the shoulders of members of both parties, but Republicans will be blamed becausae they want to cut too much spending because are trying to fix the financial system we have. We will never get out of this gigantic hole of debt by continuing to spend the way we do. We have to decide to cut what is not essential and do it. I am a proud American citizen, and I'm young, and I don't want our debt to continue to spin out of control for the rest of my life. I want the benefit of social security when I retire one day, especially if I pay into it for my entire life!!

However, if I had to choose what to do, I would say pass another 1-week extension that the Republicans are proposing. Next week every member of both houses of congress needs to be there working this out. No vacations, no 3-day work week. I am tired of members not being there! If I don't show up to work I will be fired, plain and simple!! In the words of Nike, "Just do it." Make it happen, work together. They will be paid regardless of whether the government shuts down, but many will not. They need to buck up and work it out. We can't continue working week-to-week on a budget for the federal government. It is impossible, but if it comes down to either a complete shut down or another week, go for another week.

In no way am I saying I know everything about this topic, so if you have anything you want to add or disagree with something I said, let me know. I enjoy hearing others opinions and I am not the closed minded type who will not change her mind if a better option comes along.

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