Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Passed out puppy!

No, this post isn't about Cupie, it's about me. I am a sleeper. I love sleeping and I am a complete grouch when I don't get my normal amount. The crazy thing is, my normal amount is about 10 hours, even on week nights.

People are always amazed that I sleep that much every night, but I have no homework or children to attend to (other than Cu, but she is passed out before me most of the time). This schedule didn't start until moving back in with my parents. We always eat before 7:30, and I am usually in bed reading or watching a little TV by 8:30-9-ish. In college I would stay up, but I was a napper then. I always took a nap in college. I blocked out the time, because I knew if I was going to go out until 2 am I would never make it.

Is anyone else a sleeper like me? I feel like it is totes abnormal, especially for a 22 year old. There are many times when I decline invitations to go out with friends because I don't want to stay up that late! I know, I'm pretty weird.

The reason I have been thinking about this so much lately is because I know my sleeping patterns are going to change tons next year during law school and I am not prepared! Especially since I am no longer having any caffeine!

So my question for y'all is, do you sleep a lot? Or have any "strange" (well, it is strange for someone so young to sleep so much!) habits like mine? Any suggestions as to how I can change up my sched so I don't go to bed while it's still light out?

Thanks a ton!


P.S.- Speaking of Cupie, she'll be back later to share with y'all her bling bling for "Tail Waggin Tuesday"


Anonymous said...

i am the opposite! but wish i got more sleep! i just love reading in bed too. xoxox

Sundresses and Smiles said...

I have been so out of it today, because my sleep schedule has been off. My ideal sleep time is 8-9 hours but this year it's been tough because in the Education school they give us 8 ams to prepare for teaching. The only problem is on a college student's schedule it's impossible to get in bed in time to get ample sleep and be up at an 8 am. During summers, I'm like you though, I go to bed so early and love it!