Monday, June 13, 2011

Great Finds!

I thought I would quickly share with y'all 2 great finds from our antiquing adventures this weekend! (I was playing around with photoshop, which is why I wrote on the pictures. I am not great at it)

An AMAZING garden stool with feathers on it for my den. I have never seen a garden stool like this one (they are usually oriental looking), and it will go perfectly next to a black Thomas Jefferson chair to hold a cocktail or 2.

Beautiful pillows! We saw these at Scott's, and knew we had to buy the set. Our upholsterer had a chaise lounge in his shop for a while with this exact same fabric, except for a brown background, and my dad just loved the fabric! I did too, but the light blue background puts it over the top for me! We wanted to find the same fabric to upholster a window seat for the room, but that fabric be expensive (between $150-$200 per yard... for a linen fabric!) It is a Shumacher, and the print is called Chiang Mai Dragon. If anyone wants to send me several yards of this, it would be much appreciated ;)

Well I am off to bed, I will be back tomorrow with tons of recipes and pictures of food I made this weekend!

Oh, and this is my 100th post!! I can't even believe I have had 100 things to blog about, and that y'all actually want to read them! I am blown away and so thankful for all of my bloggy friends!!



SKB said...

LOVE that pillow!!! That fabric is WAY out of my budget too!!!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

I adore that fabric! And hmmm..I'm trying to think of how you could incorporate it into the window seat without breaking the bank. Could you get just a little bit and use a solid fabric for most of the seat but put the print just in the center (does that make sense?)...

Sundresses and Smiles said...

Or...what about just on the border of the window seat??