Friday, June 17, 2011

School clothes!

I can't believe that I will start law school in less than two months! Oh my, freaking out has commenced. I literally check the website every day to make sure I am not forgetting anything or missing out on important info. The crazy thing is I still have not even seen/ stepped foot on the campus. I probably need to do that soon...

So, this post is about school clothes. I found out that there is no dress code (apparently some law schools have one) but second years have said that looking "nice," as in no PJ's (I didn't even do that in undergrad), can be helpful for networking. So, I plan to dress for success. I feel like I am always pretty put together, but I want to add more casual skirts to my wardrobe, as well as tops that are nicer than a plain old t-shirt. Also, shirt dresses and comfy dresses for long days in the law library.

So, here is what I am thinking:

Lacoste polo dresses:

Comfy dresses and skirts: (all from J Crew)

Snazzy Casual tops with a cute skirt or nice dark denim or capris (yup, the J Crew cafe capri is my JAM):

Ralph Lauren button down oxfords= easy and preppy! Do they make this in a shirt dress? If so I NEED that as well!

Elizabeth McKay ruffled blouse

J Crew silk Casbah blouse

J Crew Ink Dip Popover
I just feel like all of my clothes are so BLAH and I want some items that I will feel great wearing. I don't own many cute daytime blouses, or going out blouses, for that matter! I am also in dire need of comfy dresses. I have tons of jersey material dresses from last summer, but sadly they no longer fit (hopefully not for long, though).

Also, vineyard Vines used to make great twill skirts that were in the same colors as all of their twill shorts, but their website only shows khaki, white and navy... boring! Though the navy might have to make its way into my closet haha. VV, what happened to all the cute colors?!?

Any thoughts on places to check out cute, preppy clothes that are casual but still look nice? I love E McKay, but that top will probably break the bank, so I am talking value as well as quality!



Lauren Geiger said...

This is so exciting!!! School clothes for law school!!!! My roommate and boyfriend are starting law school in August as well. Where are you going? I love all of your choices by the way. You're going to look super classy and sophisticated.

Ruth said...

Great choices. Lands End has their Polo dresses on sale right now.

Sundresses and Smiles said...

Loving all your picks!!