Thursday, June 23, 2011

A little bit o' random facts

I have gotten lots of new followers recently, and I wanted to say WELCOME! I am so glad and honored that you want to follow my boring, old life! haha But since there are some new people reading along, I thought I would let y'all in on some random Ruthie facts.

Here goes,

I really don't like cold foods. I never realized this until I started working and bringing my lunch, but I would rather have a hot lunch than cold any day! I don't care much for salads or sandwiches for meals.

I used to be a Coca-cola and Dr. Pepper addict, but now I don't drink either because I am caffeine free! Ha that sounds like it's an illegal drug

I always sing in the car. For some reason, I am very good at memorizing songs, so I usually know everything on the radio and love to sing along. I'm not talking humming or any of that business, I mean belting it out! Right now my favorite jams to sing to are Honey Bee by Blake Shelton and Stronger by Sara Evans.

I was obsessed with Dalmatians as a child and watched 101 Dalmatians like it was my job! I wanted one so bad, or any dog for that matter, but my family never got a dog until I was in high school. My favorite stuffed animal, that I may or may not still sleep with on occasion, is a dalmatian named Fritzy. Loves him!
Isn't he cute? A little "worn" and he lacks a nose due to a chewing Bailey dog, but still cute!

I basically totaled my first car by running into a gas station... literally into the front of the store. RIP Baxter.

I like to be super organized, but I feel like I am always all over the place.

I am very shy with people my own age, but have no problem talking to older people or kids. At the wedding last weekend, my friends went to the bathroom and came back to find me chatting it up with a group of 50+ adults. Gotta love it.

I prefer salty over sweet, and my favorite foods are french fries or potato chips with Publix french onion dip. It has to be the Publix brand.

That being said, I love candy! Mostly sour candy, like sour patch kids, sour watermelons, sour straws, sour belts, etc. I also like peanut M&M's and coconut and chocolate. But, if I had to choose between salty and candy, I would stick with salty.

I usually get tomato juice on flights.

I love to read, but I don't think I ever read a required summer reading book in middle or high school. Something about having to do it took all the fun out of it. Thank goodness for Spark Notes and Pink Monkey Notes.

Lastly, I love getting into a nicely made bed, yet I rarely take the time to make my bed in the morning. Evidence:

Anything else y'all want to know? Let me know your questions and I will try to answer them!



Sundresses and Smiles said...

We have so much in common! I have belting out Honey Bee and Stronger a lot lately too! I'm a cokeaholic but have not given it up, haha! And, I loved dalmatians and actually got one for Christmas in 2nd grade after the live movie of 101 Dalmatians came out!

Laura Darling said...

I can't get into bed at night unless it's perfectly made. But I hate making it in the morning. So I usually just end up making it right before I go to sleep so it's all nice and neat!