Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday Randomness!

Can y'all believe today is June 1? I mean, what? June? I feel like I just started this lil bloggy, and it has almost been 6 months! Whoa dang!

Anyway, I have not recapped my weekend, so here goes:

My parents were out of town this weekend again, so Friday night I had two girlfriends over for dinner. I made my delicious oven baked chicken fingers, oven fries and roasted broccoli. It was all really yummy, but I felt like I was in the kitchen all afternoon, which was a real bummer since I left work early. Oh, I forgot, when I left work I had to go exchange part of the birthday gift my sister gave me at a skincare boutique here in Atlanta. She gave me a bottle of Moroccan oil, but I already had one so I exchanged it for the Bobbi Brown lip crayon in coral pink, and I love it! It goes on really smoothly and is a pretty color.
I also stopped by our local Lilly signature store and picked up a new pair of Callahan's in Scallop Pink and the color is so pretty and feminine.

Anyways, dinner was great, and we had a fun time chatting into the evening with a little red wine.

Saturday morning I slept in and then made the best omelet I have ever had! It had onions, broccoli, potatoes and chicken in  it with cheddar cheese. I used left over chicken from the night before (some of the pieces didn't have the breading because I ran out, oops!) and leftover "fries" and it was delish!

I then went to the mall to do some exchanges/ returns from online orders and then headed out to the pool for the afternoon! It was so nice, but hot, hot, hot!! I was looking forward to relaxing, but Cupie was looking forward to swiming, so I threw the ball for about an hour and a half and then had to sit and listen to her whine for another hour because she wanted to play more. I decided it was time to head in and shower because I needed to go to the grocery to get a few items for dinner for that night. I made homemade whole wheat fettuccine with homemade bolognese sauce and it was so good! I even had the leftovers for lunch today (is that too long to keep leftovers?) I will post the recipe later this week!
No, that is not a rat, it is a wet Cupie.

Two of my friends came to dinner that night and then we decided to go out in Virginia Highlands, which was fun too much fun, because I was h.u.n.g.o.v.e.r. on Sunday!

When  I finally rolled out of bed at 1:30 Sunday afternoon, I headed to my friend Adam's parents house for a lovely day by their beautiful pool and some tasty food! They built their pool within the last few years and it is so nice, an oasis if you will! Other than feeling crappy, I had a great time, but was tired when I got home at 10 that evening.

Monday, I got up and hung out with my sister and her boyfriend and then decided that I needed Zaxby's. If you have never experienced Zaxby's you are missing out BIG time! It is almost as good as Raising Canes... almost, but not quite. Anyway, the closest one to my house is 20 minutes away and you know I drove there and back for some delish chicken fingers! They are opening one 5 minutes from my house soon, so I am PUMPED about that. Fat kids club meetings!

After scarfing eating my Zaxby's, I headed to TJ Maxx, Marshalls and HomeGoods to look for towels. I am picky about towels, and though I love how nice white ones look, that just ain't happening with makeup. I have plenty of towels (as in 3+ different sets) at my parent's, but I wanted a new set for the new house. I found some really pretty plain aqua ones at HomeGoods that I had to have, but being the dummy I am, I only bought 2 "sets" (bath towel, face towel, and washcloth) so I had to head back over there yesterday to get 2 more sets. I am going to take them to be monogrammed this weekend, I think in white, but maybe a light pink? Who knows!

After my towel extravaganza (like the way I made it sound more exciting than it was?) my parents got home and we headed down to the new house to meet the contractor. As I told y'all yesterday, this is getting more and more stressful by the day! I think we got everything all figured out though, so when closing time comes and goes we will be ready to roll with the minor renovations!

Monday night, the family + my sister's boyfriend went to a local pasta place, Figo Pasta, for dinner and then came back to an early bedtime!

I had a nice, mostly relaxing weekend (minus the hangover on Sunday) and I hope y'all did too!


PS- My commenting is FINALLY fixed, thanks Blogger for taking 6 years 2 weeks to do it!


Girl about town.... said...

I love your dog, he's adorable!

Girl about Town XxX

Miss Southern Prep said...

I love Bobbi Brown products, all of them are great! It sounds like you had a great weekend! Can you believe that I didn't make it to the pool this weekend? So sad!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

You had a busy weekend!! I love Cane's but have never had Zaxby's!