Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Money Saving Tips From a Not-So-Money-Savvy Gal: Part Deux

I am back today with another money saving tip for you ladies. I hope at least somebody found the mani/ pedi post helpful! So, money-saving idea:

         2. Refrain from eating out very often.

I always ate out in college and spent a TON of money doing it. But, I have found that eating at home and taking your lunch can save some serious change for other things you might have your eye on.

There are days where I forget my lunch, or just don't have anything to bring, and I end up spending about $10 just grabbing something around my office. That is $50 a week if you eat out every day, just for lunch! I could buy {almost} a week's worth of groceries for that! And, eating dinner or breakfast out on top of that? Kiss your paycheck goodbye!

I like to make sure I have enough food to take for lunch all week on Sunday afternoons so I won't end up empty handed by Friday lunch. I usually take frozen Smart Ones or Lean Cuisines, because they are lower in fat/ calories and I like having a hot lunch. Sometimes I will take a salad if I have leftover chicken as well.

I think a big part of eating in to save money is meal planning. I did this in college, but living back at home has not been as conducive to this habit. Planning out a week's worth of meals before you go to the grocery cuts down on grocery trips, and prevents the need for last-minute meal decisions (which for me are usually unhealthy and expensive). It also helps me not to snack, since I will only buy what is on my grocery list.

How do y'all save money on meals? Anybody else avoid eating lunch out? Let me know your thoughts or if you have good meal planning tips!

Have a great day!



Sara said...

I'm just like you in that I love bringing my lunch, but I want a hot lunch. I tend to go for a can of soup (Progresso has "Light" soups that are about 160 calories/can) and pair it with cut veggies. I also like the Lean Cuisine meals and the Birds Eye steamed veggies.

Sundresses and Smiles said...

This is SOO true! I spent way too much on food during college these last few years!