Thursday, June 16, 2011

I am taking a leap into the {semi} unknown

I know I have talked a lot about my weight on this blog, but I do because it is something I really struggle with. I went from being a chubby preteen, to a scary skinny high schooler and college freshman (I had/ have a stomach disease that caused me to drop tons of weight until I went on meds to control it). And, I have come full circle, as I am now a "chubby" young adult. I hate the way I look these days, and that makes my attitude about life really bad. I have tried to get on healthy eating and exercising kicks, but I haven't really been that motivated. So, today I signed up and paid to join Weight Watchers. My mom and I followed it for a while last Fall, but we both kind of stopped (which is why this is semi unknown territory). But now I am officially a member and I will go to weigh ins and count my points religiously. These pictures don't quite show the comparison, but you can still see. The second picture is me with about 35 extra pounds. Wow... how does that even happen?!? I know part of it is a thyroid problem I just found out and taking a medication that causes "extreme weight gain," so without those factors and with WW I think I can get back to a healthy weight.

Excuse the goofy pic... we had just been to the
SMU/ TCU game and had 1 too many cocktails

I am not trying to drop tons of weight, but my doctor agreed that I am "medically overweight," and I need to drop a few. I want to be healthy most of all, but I would also like to avoid the stress of getting dressed and having to try on 10 things until I can find something in my closet that is not too tight. I am not kidding. I would also like to get back into some of my cute Lillys from last summer (a very important thing for me).

So, has anybody else done WW? Especially the new Points+ system? Did it work for you? Let me know!



Sundresses and Smiles said...

Good luck! My weight fluctuates a lot from year to year, so I can understand the frustrations and if I remember correctly you're petite too, which can make it harder at times because we have less of a body for the fat to spread out, ha! I've never done WW but my aunt has for YEARS and swears by it!

Kelly said...

I completely understand. I'm not fat, but I could certainly lose some. It's hard looking back at photos, and seeing clothes that don't fit, so I completely understand! I'm excited for you - maybe it'll kick my butt into gear!