Thursday, February 10, 2011

Did you seriously just do that?

Well, this post was inspired by one of the worst things I have ever seen happen at a restaurant. Ever. Yesterday, I walked across the street from my office for lunch at a sandwich shop. There are tables and a "bar" type seating area for people who are loners eating by themselves to sit. So, I parked it in one of those seats, as to not take up an entire table for just myself. (Don't you just hate when people do that?) There was only one other person sitting in that are. After my first few bites of a delish sammy, I heard the most disgusting sucking/ slurping sound. I looked up and in the mirror I saw the lady picking her teeth. In. public. With a toothpick. I immediately lost my appetite. I was amazed (hence this post's title) I have never in my life seen someone "go at" their teeth in a restaurant like that. Ok, I understand grabbing a pick on your way out, but c'mon, this is not your personal bathroom lady.

That being said, I thought I would go over some of my pet peeves and things I think every diner should know. (Stop right here if you don't want to read a SERIOUS rant)

First of all, I would not call myself the most mannered person in the world, but I have done my fair share of reading from Emily Post (gotta love it) and the Tiffany's Table Manners for teenagers book, and I feel that table manners are of the utmost importance. I think that manners in general have fallen by the wayside, but some people have no clue about what to do when sitting down to a meal.

Secondly, I would like to thank my mom for teaching me all about table manners. I am so thankful that I know what to do, and don't embarrass myself in certain situations. Thanks to dad as well, he always used to get on us at the dinner table for "pushing our food with our fingers".

Anyway, on to my pet peeves!

1. I hate when people sit down for a meal and don't put their napkin in their lap and set out their fork(s) and knife. It is easy, and it is ALWAYS what I do first. I think it might be a little of my OCD coming out, but I hate when the table doesn't look uniform.

2. Buttering bread. Many people don't know this, but when buttering your bread, you should tear off a piece at a time and butter and eat it. Never butter a big ole' slab of bread at the table with me, it gets to me!!

3. I hate when people order and say "i'll have..." or "i'll take the.." I have never worked in a restaurant, but a little please and thank you go a long way and are surely appreciated. I almost always say "may I have.. please?"

4. Chewing with one's mouth open. Enough said.

5. Since yesterday, I have added a new one I never thought I would have to. Don't EVER pick your teeth in a restaurant!!

6. Please, hold your utensils correctly!! Some people have the strangest ways of holding a fork and knife (some look terribly uncomfortable), but I just can't stand to see someone grab a fork and spear something! Also, along with this, I hate when people take more than one bite off their fork. I can't stand the thought of someone "gnawing" on a piece of meat or whatever is on their fork.

Well, I'm sure I could think of a billion more, but I will leave it with those big ones. I think I am just a little OCD about people eating in general. I can loose my appetite in an instant if I can hear someone else eating (slurping, crunching, smacking). I know sometimes it's impossible not to make a little noise, but it literally makes me nauseous.

So, now that I am off my soapbox, does anything annoy you about manners, or lack there of?

And, I was going to leave y'all with a little video I did in a journalism class last year on this very topic, but I can't find it:( Oh well...

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