Saturday, February 5, 2011

Miller Union Review

As I told y'all yesterday, we went to a new (or I guess not that new anymore) restaurant last night for dinner for my cousin's birthday called Miller Union. I still can't get over the fact that he is 15 YEARS OLD!!! I feel like he was just born. But anyway, to the food. I loved it!

For my appetizer, I had the farm egg baked in celery cream with rustic bread, and I swear, it was the BEST thing I have EVER eaten. It was amazing, phenomenal...perfect!
It was really dark and my pics didn't come out, so I grabbed this one here.
I had the triggerfish for my dinner, and it was quite tasty. I am not usually a big fish person, but it was a nice white fish, and was served with a beet puree and sunchokes, which were divine!

And, for dessert, a mini coconut cream pie. It was delightful!! Too bad I was so full that I couldn't finish it!

If you live anywhere near the Atlanta area and are looking for a nice spot for dinner, this place is a must! But, call ahead, because getting a reservation is still difficult, even after it has been open for a while!


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