Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What I'm Lovin'- Pink Edition!

Since it's almost Valentines day, I thought this weeks "What I'm Lovin' Wednesday" would be all things pink!

1. The Kate Spade Gold Coast Bright Evangeline! I don't know if y'all remember, but I was lovin' the black version of this just a few weeks ago here. I saw this baby at Bloomys today while looking for a gift for the bf (obvi I had to peruse the ladies section after looking at every men's item in the store) I am SMITTEN! This bag would be so perfect with almost every one of my Lillys and would add a pretty pop of color this winter too! the Robin also comes in this pretty hue. You can find both of these pretties at Zappos!

2. Lilly Pulitzer Finn Shift Ponte in cocktail pink! Wouldn't this be so cute to wear to work next Monday?!?

3. OPI's Elephantastic pink. This is one of my fave pinks!

4. The Vineyard Vines ladies Shep Shirt in flamingo! I have been wanting a Shep shirt forever! The men's one just looked so cozy, but when the ladies came out I knew I needed one. The colors are so pretty!

So there are some of my favorite pink things! What pink stuff are y'all lovin' this week?


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Buckhead Belle said...

OMG, I am so obsessed with that hot pink Kate bag!