Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend Recap!

What a fast weekend!! I feel like this was the shortest weekend ever, and I was NOT ready to get up and go back to work this morning. After our delightful dinner to kick the weekend off right Friday night, my mom and I headed down to Macon Saturday morning to see my sister. We went to take her a valentines present from my parents (a neat pot that has a steamer basket and and deeper pasta basket), and we stayed for a little Marshall's outing and lunch. We took Cupie along, and when we got there she refused to go potty before we went in. SO, sure enough, the second we walked in, she ran to my sister's bedroom and peed on the bed!! I was dying! She is BAD sometimes, but mama still loves her. After picking up a few things for my Valentines party (which is this weekend!!!) at Marshall's we went to lunch at a nice little sandwich place called fountain of juice. It was pretty good. We ended up getting back to Atlanta around 5:30 and we had a new dish for dinner, spicy Asian noodles with chicken. Mom and I loved it, dad, not so much. Oh well, you can't please everybody!

Sunday, we went to church and I spent the afternoon making sugar cookies (well actually just the dough) for my valentines and I made a chicken pot pie to test it for Sunday night's party. I am glad to say it passed with flying colors and we basically ate the entire thing!! My friend Sara came over to watch the Super Bowl, so she got to test it out as well. I was glad she liked it!!

And, the Super Bowl.... the Packers won! I was rooting for them because they beat the Falcons, and I guess it makes us look a little better that we lost in the playoffs to the team that won it all. Also, the Steelers had too many Super Bowl wins already, so I wanted the Packers to have their chance.

After the game I was so tired, but decided to stay up and watch Glee, and I was not disappointed! Glee is the only show I actually follow and watch every week and this hiatus has been killin' me!! I loved last night's episode and can't wait for another new one on Tuesday!

And Finally, I will leave you with one of my favorite commercials. The dog reminds me of my friend Lauren's dog who I talked about here.

Hope y'all had a great Monday!


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