Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Exhausting Day!

I never thought that doing a "small remodel" on a house would be so hard, but let me tell you, it is! I took a half day at work today because my dad and I had to go look at things for the new house, namely kitchen and bath stuff and flooring. So, after a delightful Chick-fil-a lunch for some sustenance (and I had it for breakfast, what was that I said earlier about not living off of CFA and Mexican? My b) my dad and I headed to Ferguson to look at all things kitchen and bath. I have already checked out Home Depot and Lowes, so we are now shopping around to see where we can get the best deals.

We are going to need all new appliances in the kitchen, so we took a look at those and found some great options. Kitchen appliances are easy for me since I love to cook. We looked at sinks and faucets, also easy. The sink needs to be big, I told the lady it needs to be big enough to bathe my 18 lb dog in. She looked at me funny, but I don't care. Bathing your furbaby in a huge kitchen sink is sooo much easier because there is no bending over!

The hard part was the bath. First of all, both of the baths in the house are in need of work. The master needs to have a closet, vanity, and wall removed, new cabinets and 2 new sinks as well as a dressing table area installed for doing my makeup (not necessary, but it is). The shower is the only thing in the house that has been changed since it was built in the 1960's, I kid you not. Luckily we only need a new shower head and to redo the caulking and doors on it. The other bathroom is on a whole 'nother level. It is entirely baby blue. Sink, toilet, tub, tiles. The whole shebang! And to top it off, it has some heinous wall paper above the tiling that needs to be removed.

We want to do plain white baths for both, but the hard part is deciding between all of the choices for sinks/ faucets/ tubs/ toilets, etc. I found a faucet and sink I liked and decided those would do for both baths, and they had a matching rain shower head that matched the set. I LOVE the rain shower heads! So, both baths may look exactly the same, but who cares. The only question now is whether to build cabinets and the sink area or buy a "furniture vanity." It will all come down to what costs less, but I like these vanity options from PB a lot.

I think they are all pretty and simple.

After leaving, I was exhausted!! I just hope that the house all works out, and soon because all this decision making is getting stressful!!! Don't even get me started on cabinets/ countertops or paint colors, oy vey!

I hope y'all had a great day!


Oh, PS- Blogger is STILL not letting me comment on most blogs!!! Please don't feel neglected if I haven't commented in a while!!

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Sundresses and Smiles said...

Ah, good luck! Be sure to take pictures so we can see the progress!