Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Recap!

This weekend was great, especially since the weather was Ah-Mazing!

Saturday, I slept in and then went to the dog park with my friend Lauren and her pug Lulu. I have never seen a dog so excited in my life, Lulu was making the funniest sounds and people kept looking at us like we were hurting her, but we weren't. The funniest part was that the little dog section was pug city, and they all ran and played together like they knew they were similar. Dogs can be pretty weird sometimes! Cupie, however, did not like the park as much. She has started to get a little attached to mama and I think she was scared that I was going to leave her there, so she made me hold her the almost the whole time. It was really fun though, and it was nice to have some warmer weather for a chance!
Cupie and Lulu, who is leaning away from my baby! Rude!

I babysat Saturday night, which is something I never get asked to do, so I was pretty excited! It was for my second cousins children, who are not too young, so we hung out and watched a movie and some TV. The parents didn't end up staying out late, so I headed home around 9, but not before a stop at Coldstone! I have been craving something good and sweet recently, and since I was in the area (not really at all, but that's ok) I decided to stop by and get a little heaven on earth, aka a vanilla milkshake with caramel in it. Talk about delish!!!

Sunday, we went to church and then my mom and I ran some errands in the afternoon. I also went to they gym. I have been going to the gym pretty regularly and I am definitely noticing a difference in how much I can work out and how far I can push myself, but I still have a long way to go!

And, in other training news, the race that I have been planning on doing for a while, the Irongirl, is now officially full and there is no wait list:( I should have signed up right away, but I procrastinated and now I can't do it. I am going to find another to do, but I was excited about that one because it was women only, and I thought that would be much less intimidating! Oh well, maybe next year?

Anyways, hope y'all had a fabulous weekend and a great Monday!


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