Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What I'm Lovin'

The things that I am totally digging right now:

1. Red chandelier earrings, like these (perfect for a valentine date!):
From bijouxbydesif. Find them on Etsy here!

or these

By Rhonda Michaels Jewelry, find them here!

of finally these beauts: (Thanks to Megan, over at Pretty in Pink Megan, for introducing me to this designer!)

Kendra Scott Linden earrings, find them at Zappos!

2. Organization! I finally got a file cart/ cabinet this weekend to put all my papers and "junk" in. I also got a really nice banana leaf "trunk" (I call it a box, but whatever floats your boat) at Target. I guess Target now carries a Smith & Hawken line? I remember my mom always use to shop in their store for home and garden items, but the stores all went out of business within the past year.
I think it is a little darker than this, but its a cuter way to store things than a plain old plastic box
They also had some round baskets that I might have to snatch up as well.

3. The Kate Spade Gold Coast Evangeline! It is so cute, not too big or too small, and has a classic look. It comes in black or ash, which is a nice neutral, beige. Most of my purses are so large I could carry a small child in them, so a small bag would be a nice change!

4. Cooking! We are on DAY 3 of being stuck inside and I've been so bored I have eaten myself through house and home! But I have made some pretty good meals. Last night I made sort of an Asian flank steak that was really good! Tonight we're having fajitas, with roasted corn salsa (more like a relish) and spicy cilantro lime sour cream. I'm pretty excited, and I found all the ingredients in our house! Amazing what you can make with whats in the fridge/ freezer/ pantry!!

Roasted corn salsa, I hope it's good!!

5. Flowers indoors. With all this nasty weather, there is noting better than some pretty flowers to brighten your day! I love these orchids and this Christmas star (I think its an amaryllis)

One thing I'm not lovin'? STILL BEING STUCK AT HOME!!! I hope the ice melts, because I've gotta get outta here!!


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