Monday, May 2, 2011

Dallas Weekend Recap!

Hello Ladies! I am back for my short vacay to Dallas and I had a great time! I was so excited to see the bf, because it had been a while. I think this weekend we really started understanding why long-distance stinks so bad! It is so hard, and I hate never being able to be with him, but I know if we try hard we will make it! I did, however, have a several breakdowns this weekend... as he says i'm cray cray. I guess I am a little, but I was a huge ball of emotions about our relationship. I never really talk about him on here cause I think he would prefer me not too, but lets just say we have been together for a while and have experienced plenty of lows, but many more highs. I lub him!

So, on to the weekend. I left work early Thursday afternoon and took the MARTA (aka disgusting Atlanta subway that nobody uses) to the airport and hopped on my plane to DFW.

I have to vent a little here, though. I feel like I travel often and know the ins-and-outs of airports, but I can't stand traveling since airlines have started charging fees to check bags!! Everybody takes a roller board on and people who sit in the back put theirs in the overhead bins right when they get on so it is easy for them when they get off. NEWSFLASH: those are over the seats toward the front of the plane so people in those seats can put their bags in them. No doubt, I always end up having to go several rows behind my seat to put my bag up. I get P.O'ed, pardon my French, when there is nobody sitting down in the first few rows, however all of those bins are full! I really wish flight attendants would say something to those people because they are only making the de-planing process harder!!!

I digress. When I got to Dallas, sweet bf and his super sweet pup picked me up and we headed back to his house to drop the dog off and for me to change and then we went for Mexican food and margs at a place we used to go often, Blue Goose. It was yummy, and I actually drank some margaritas (I hate tequila, and I have senior spring break to thank for that). We went home early though, cause he had work Friday and I was pooped from traveling.

Friday, bf went to work and I went to work cleaning up some things in his apartment. He is always very clean, but I feel like boy "clean" is different from girl "clean." And his kitchen was a disaster because his roommate never does his dishes. I gagged washing them because they were covered in soggy, old food. Ick!! I walked to Raising Canes for lunch near his house and brought it back to eat. Canes is heavenly. All they serve are chicken fingers (like Zaxby's, another favorite of mine) and I always get it when I am there. Their Cane's sauce is sooo good! Later in the afternoon, I walked to Central Market, a nice Whole Foods-like grocery and got lots of goodies to make dinner for bf and friends Friday night. I made pasta (I tried making homemade pasta with a machine I took him as a gift, but it did not work as well as mine and I think the dough was too moist, so I had to end up using store-bought, ugh!) with chicken, arugula salad with blue cheese, pine nuts and balsamic vinaigrette, broccoli, garlic bread and homemade blackberry cobbler for dessert! It was all great, but my favorite was the cobbler, yum! And I didn't even use a recipe, I was proud!

I really needed a zester for my dinner so I grabbed one at the grocery and it was amazing!! It was a microplane and it was so sharp and worked so well! I have heard great things before, but I will be needing one for myself asap (I left that one because I wasn't sure if I could take it on the plane). Does anybody else have one of these bad boys?

After a huge dinner, we all sat down and watched some of the royal wedding reruns and bf was so bored he passed out! Only kidding... sort of! We went to bed  early again and got up Saturday morning to go to bf's second-cousin's daughter's birthday party (you follow me?) She turned 2 and was the cutest thing ever! We had a great time visiting with his family and we stayed for a great lunch! We went home and took a serious nap Saturday afternoon, took the dog to the dog park to run around and swim, and then went to dinner at a delish pizza place and out for a few drinks with another couple at Monica's. It is a great Mexican restaurant that had good margs, a killer live band and a fun atmosphere! After that we headed to one of my college bestie's boyfriends house to hang out and have a few drinks. We stayed there super late, I think we got home around 2 or 3!

Sunday, we got up and went to church then to lunch to meet another college bestie. It was a place we used to eat all the time and it did not disappoint! Then we went to Target because boy needed some cleaning supplies and I got to check out the Calypso collection! So cute! More on that later this week though. We then went back to watch a movie on netflix, which he has connected to his tv. We both fell asleep and didn't wake up until 6:30! We had been planning on going to a movie at 5:25, so that was out of the question. We decided to head to Cheesecake Factory for dinner, chicken bellagio...yum! Then we tried to go to the movies again, except it was sold out!! What luck? We saw it as a sign to head home early and get some sleep because we had to wake up at 4 this morning for me to get to the airport. What a great boyfriend to take me to catch a 5:45 A.M. flight, am I right?

All in all it was a great weekend. I loved seeing the boy and my college ladies, but I am tired right now!! I am going to sleep like a baby tonight!!!

How were y'all's weekends? Who else is beyond happy about the bin Laden news? I am so proud to be an American, but I always am!!! God Bless the U.S.A.!!!!


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Miss Southern Prep said...

Sounds like a wonderful Dallas weekend! I'm so glad you had a great time!