Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Let's Talk Housewives

I love the Real Housewives series on Bravo, and New Jersey is by far my favorite. They are sooo ridiculous and I was excited for 90 minutes of Jerz last night.

My thoughts on this season:

I am so glad Danielle is gone, girlfriend was cray cray! I felt bad for her children, and she definitely stirred up tons of unnecessary drams.

I think I am going to be team Teresa this season. I think her sister-in-law seems like a real bish and her brother was obvi hammed at the Christening. I have never been to a Christening like that in my life, they were taking shots... interesting. Also, not sure I would have worn such short/ tight/ low cut dresses to a church, but that's just me.

I love Caroline and I was sad when her sons decided to move out! She is a total boss lady though and she will be just fine. I just hope the boys are still going to be on the show because they are hilarious! If you caught the premier last night, I was dying when the Manzo family was in the kitchen making "southern" food (is chili Southern? They should have made fried chicken!) and talking in Cajun accents. I was dying!

Jacqueline looks great, she def lost a little weight since last season. I do see lots of drams coming with her daughter though.

Did y'all watch last night? Thoughts?



D @ The best things in life said...

I haven't watch it yet but i am dying to see what happened!

SKB said...

I watched it and totally agree with everything you said, that was crazy! I thought the kitchen scene was hilarious. Since when is Chili southern food???

Sundresses and Smiles said...

I don't watch this, but I think you may have convinced me to start! Shots at a Christening?!? And oh, how I would love to see them cooking and talking "Southern!"

Sam {fitnessfoodandfaith.blogspot.com} said...

i haven't watched, but i want to start!! shows like this are so ridiculous and wonderful :)

Miss Southern Prep said...

I loved when Caroline's family was making "Southern" food--haha hilarious! I agree, Teresa's sis-in-law and brother seem CRAZY! I know I'm definitely going to be team Teresa this season!