Monday, May 16, 2011

Vlog #2! Calypso for Target and Swimsuits

Hey y'all, I am back with my second vlog, which I promised last week but since blogger was down for so long (ugh) you are getting it today!

Excuse the train wreck look, I had a migraine and left work early today and slept forever so that is why I am wearing glasses and no makeup and a ratty old tee. And, sorry it is so dark!! I hope y'all can see everything!!

Ok, without further adieu:

Marc by Marc Jacobs chevron suit
J Crew Paisley Tank
La Blanca strapless leopard suit (I couldn't find that exact one on the Internet, so the link is for the same style that is solid white or black.
Calypso for Target print dress in turquoise
Calypso for Target medallion print sleeveless crochet bib tunic in pink/ orange
Calypso for Target tie-die print crochet bib tunic in blue

This is the J Crew suit I exchanged the blue one for.

I hope y'all enjoyed my second vlog (other than the bad lighting!) and I hope you had as good of a Monday as there can be!


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Miss Southern Prep said...

That J. Crew suit is so cute--I love polka dots! I hope you're feeling better!