Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Happy, Joy Joy

It's Friday!! Woohoo! And it's a long weekend, what could make today better? Oh, maybe the fact that it will be sunny and near 90 all weekend? Yep, that made today even better!

My parents are out of town this weekend so I really don't have many plans. I am going to a friend's house for a pool party on Sunday and will probably sit by the pool for most of the rest of the weekend. I can't wait to break in some of my new suits and bronze my ghostly pale skin a bit. Obviously, I am going to have to dig out my sunscreen though, because there is nothing worse than burning. And, knowing that melanoma is directly related to sun damage makes it a no-brainer to ALWAYS wear some SPF. (Sort of like smoking and lung cancer, why do people smoke if they know this?!?)

I talked about all of my summer beach/ pool essentials here if you want to go check out what I will have to have by my side this weekend. But, I will also have my nook color so I can finish reading the Duken Diet book, has anybody else read the book/ tried the diet? It looks difficult but I think I can do it and it supposedly gives great results (um, hello, Kate Middleton? she is a stick figure!) And I will also have my brand new Lilly koozie in the Floaters print that my bff Lauren gave me for my birthday. It is so precious, and she also gave me the matching iPhone case, how sweet is she? I will also be sporting the cutest beach bag ever that another bff, Kimmy, gave my for my birthday, I will have to share a picture with y'all because you will love it!

I hope everyone is looking forward to a great long weekend!! Have a great Friday!


PS- Atlanta got a MINOR tail end of the storms from the Midwest yesterday and it was scary that this was no where near as serious as those in Missouri, Oklahoma, and the rest of the Midwestern states. There were, however,  3 fatalities in the metro area from falling trees, which is very sad.

PPS- I STILL can't comment on most blogs and it is making me MAD! It continues to tell me I'm not logged on when that is obvi not correct. Blogger, please fix this now because there are so many blogs I want to leave some love on and can't! kthxbai, Ruthie

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Sam {} said...

have a lovely weekend! i need a serious tan as well :)