Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Office Etiquette

This is how I feel at work sometimes.... well, maybe not as glam, but still. I have to bish a bit today and tell y'all what people in my office building do that really irks me. Our building is a whole lotta companies, so this is not necessarily people in my actual office. So, here goes.

I hate... when people ride the elevator 1 floor. Um, our building is 50 stories and 1 flight of stairs is not going to kill you. For. real. I get so mad when I get on the elevator and people get on to go up or down a single floor. I understand if you are carrying something heavy or have a rolling bag, but if you're just being lazy you're also making it take forever for me to get to my floor. Time is money peeps!!

I hate... when people park in 2 spots in our garage. I hate when people do this anywhere, but when I have to pay over $70 a month to park on the roof top (the cheapest level in our garage), I get MAD when people do this. Especially since the spaces are wide and cars can easily fit into 1 spot. Parking is difficult (I am the world's worst parker) but people could take a second to straighten their cars out, right?

I hate... lunch stealer's. I work on a small floor, so when someone else eats my lunch I am bound to know the person. I usually bring my lunch in a lunch box (cute, right?) but sometimes I can't find it so I just throw a Smart One's in my bag and put it in the freezer when I get to work. I have only had my lunch stolen once, but it stinks because then I have to go spend $10 on something not as healthy as I wanted. Rude.

I hate... when people eves drop on personal calls. I rarely make personal calls at work, and if I do it is to my family. I hate when you can tell someone is listening in. I have even heard about people later commenting on personal calls (has never happened to me). One would think if another can tell you're on a personal call they would leave you alone... apparently not.

I hate... when people heat highly aromatic foods in the microwaves in our break room when there is a sign on each microwave clearly stating "please don't heat highly aromatic foods" with pictures of seafood. Nothing is worse than the smell of reheated seafood. I'm SO glad I don't work on the floor that our break room is on (I work a floor above it, and I walk down to lunch then back up) because the entire floor stinks.

Do y'all have any office pet peeves? Any I missed? Let me know!! (Sorry for the complaining, it just makes me so angry!!!)

I will be back later with WILW!


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Sundresses and Smiles said...

I think I agree with ALL of these! I especially hate double-parkers!