Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ready for Summer!

I don't know about y'all but I'm ready for summer break... oh wait, I don't get that anymore. WAH!! The real world stinks! I miss the days of my "job" being taking kids to the pool and tanning (with sunscreen, of course). There are several things I need to be pool ready this summer, and number 1 was new suits. That is now taken care of with 3 new one-pieces! As I told y'all, I am going to be all about the one-piece this summer.

So, here they are:
I love this Marc by Marc Jacobs one, but it came at a hefty price! If it isn't perfect it is going back to Bloomys (yes, I forgave them for the whole credit changing issue) Oh, and it is reversible!
Runched and Knoted Twist-front tank in Casablanca blue.

J Crew Nuevo Tank... love the pink and green paisley!
And, if I felt like really splurging (not like I haven't already, swimsuits are muey expensivo!) I would grab these 2 DKNY suits from Zappos!
Solid, one shoulder ruffle maillot This is just a timeless suit

Solid ruffle bandeau maillot I love the color combo and the cute "sash"

Other items that are necessary during the summer:

Sunscreen: (I have really sensitive skin to sunscreen, these are 2 I have found that my skin doesn't freak out with. I use the Mustela on my face (only a little though because it is thick!) and the Kiehl's on my body, usually SPF 40 though. I also use Vanicream SPF 60, but it is really thick and turns white when you get wet.) If you can't tell, I take my sunscreen seriously, especially since I had a severe pre-cancerous mole removed from my back last summer.

A hat: (I don't want my face getting wrinkles before it should!)

Vineyard Vines: I live in this hat or another baseball cap during the summer.

Any floppy, straw hat. Great for the pool, but not for the beach because the floppiness flies everywhere!

Inflatable beer pong table... ok, not necessary, but highly recommended! Riight now, we rig up 2 boogy boards to play and it doesn't always work out well!
A pink one, obvi!

What are your beach/ pool/ lake essentials?

I hope y'all are having a fab Thursday and happy Cinco de Mayo!!



Maddie said...

Ooh I especially love Kiehl's, the straw hat and the one shoulder suit!! I am so ready for warm weather!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

La Blanca also makes gorgeous/flattering one pieces! I got this one in white last summer and LOVE it:

Also..that beer pong float looks super fun!

Fashion Meets Food said...

That last swimsuit is way too cute. All of them are very flattering. I definitely love the look of the one shoulder. You have a fabulous blog and I am your newest follower.


Miss Southern Prep said...

I've never seen a beer pong float! LOVE it, especially since it's pink! I love that pink and green J. Crew swimsuit--it's so cute! This might be my last summer having the "dream" job, which is laying out, swimming, and tanning at the country club with the kids I nanny. I better enjoy it while it lasts! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Lauren Geiger said...

OMG I want the pink beer pong float. LOVE IT!!!!!!!