Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dear computers, why are you so difficult?

Soooo... I somehow convinced my mom to buy me Photoshop at Costco last Friday when she and my sister popped in to grab a few things. I was so excited to get it installed,  so I decided to try and get it going when I was "babysitting" the dogs that night (Staying in on a Friday night? lame i know, but one of our fur babies just had surgery so she needed some TLC) Anywho, I popped the CD in and my computer said I needed to update my OS to the new snow leopard. Little did I know, I had to do some SERIOUS work and make several trips to Best Buy to finally get it all installed this afternoon.

I headed out to Best Buy before going to the gym Saturday morning and got the software I needed from Apple and a really cool print design program (custom header? I think so!) After going to Scott's I came home to try to install snow leopard and then Photoshop, but my comp said I needed more RAM. What the heck is RAM?!? haha Well, after talking to my rocket scientist brother (quite literally, he majored in aerospace engineering and is the smartest person I know!) I headed to Best Buy for a second time this morning after church and got the guys from the Geek Squad to upgrade the RAM, which I now know is a little card in your computer. While they were replacing the old cards, the guy asked if I had ever spilled anything on my laptop, because it looked like it was damaged beyond repair. I vaguely remember spilling some coffee on it during a late night study sesh in college, my b! But, thankfully it still works and is MUCH faster!!!
Well I got home a once again popped in the snow leopard CD and another warning came up...not enough memory space. You gotta be kidin' me!!!!! SO after a trip to my beloved Costco (can you tell we love the place in my family?) I got a portable hard drive and transferred the billions of movies and "junk" to that and I finally got it all installed!!! Woohoo!

On another not, church this morning was really great! Our pastor was talking about the gifts that we all have, and how we don't get to choose what we get and how we should use those to glorify God. I really enjoyed the sermon and I had never really thought about it before. You can watch it for yourself here.

I hope y'all had a great weekend, and here's to hoping tomorrow will be a snow day!!!


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