Monday, January 24, 2011

Party planning!

So my Valentines party is fast approaching and I am so excited!! I think I finally narrowed down what I'm going to make for dinner and dessert, but I'm still not sure about appetizers or drinks. I really want to find some champagne splits, so everybody can have their own. I thought it would be really cute with the straws I ordered from Bake It Pretty, to just drink right outta the bottle. I also would like to try my hand at bar tending and make a special cocktail for the night. I know its a sunday, but a few drinks are necessary to celebrate, or for some wallow (is that a bad choice of words?), the holiday of love!

On a similar note, my order from Bake it Pretty came in today, and I was really excited because I didn't expect it so soon! I was a little disappointed though, because 2 of the items they sent me were wrong! And the packing list was even checked off by hand! I hope I can get the exchange going quickly, so I can get my lilac, not blue, candy pearls and my red and white polka dot, not striped, straws soon! Otherwise I was happy with my order. I got a new Valentines cookie cutter set, with a Cupid and a heart with an arrow, and several different shaped hearts. I also got some cupcake wrappers that are pink plaid that will be perf for my cupcakes I'm going to serve for dessert!

My mom and I also got some cute bake wear yesterday at HomeGoods for my party. We got a red and white polka dot baking dish for a dip, and a cute white tray with red and pink hearts for other appetizers. With all these Valentines things, I am so excited to have the party! Now all I have to do is send out my invitations when they come in.

Anywho, it was a LONG day at work and I'm ready to kick back and relax!!! Is it Friday yet?!? Haha

Hope y'all had a great day!


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Kentucky Blonde said...

Ah Valentines is the BEST baking holiday! Shockingly, I'm partial to any holiday that I can bake in pink tones :)