Thursday, January 6, 2011

Trying to get into the routine

Because it is only 6 days into the new year, I thought I would let y'all know about my goals for the year. I guess they are technically New Years resolutions, but I figure I will be more likely to stick with it if I set an actual goal. So they are:

Brooks Glycerin pant

1. Run/ bike/swim a triathlon. I found a extremely scaled down version of the Ironman called the Irongirl race, and there is one taking place just north of Atlanta on May 15th. That means that I will actually have to be able to swim, run and bike the entire thing in 4 short months. My major hurdle is getting started. I have belonged to a gym for months but I haven't gone...ooops haha In order to get me going, I figured a little shopping for some new workout gear would help, so I snagged a few necessities, and some wants, to help me out.

Brooks Glycerin Running Short

Mizuno Wave Creation 11 running shoes

2. Simplify! I am, admittedly, a hoarder. Especially with bath products, it is UNREAL!! I'm not even going to post a picture of my shower because there are bottles out the wazoo! I really need to just simplify this year, maybe just use 1 bottle of shampoo at a time, instead of having several and switching, novel idea, right? I want to get rid of all my "clutter" by March 1st (its a while away, but since I work 5 days a week it might just take that long!

3. Read 1 book a month. I love to read, but haven't done much lately so I want to set the goal of reading 1 book per month. Maybe it will cut down on my trashy television watching time, which would be another plus.

4. Lastly, I want to save money!!! I guess there is no deadline for this, but I need to start yesterday! Since I'm in the real workin' world now, there is no reason I can't save a little each month, especially since I live at home with good ole' mom and dad and don't have to pay any rent!! (I guess a few of those workout gear impulse buys didn't help this)

I'm sure I will think of more goals for the year soon, and I'll let y'all know!!



Kristen @ All In My Twenties said...

good luck with the triathlon!!!! and your blog!

A Wedding Story said...

You will do great in the, not so much!

MMS said...

Congrats on starting a new blog & thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I wanted to ask you about the prints that you told me you bought it Paris. If you ever get a second, I would LOVE to see a picture of them []. If you're too busy, though, I understand! They just sound like something I would adore & want to look for!!

xoxo Melissa
[Southern Vogue]

~Rachel said...

Congrats on the blog! Very cute! Wow on the triathalon! I wonder if I could do it? Anyhow, new follower here!

ERK525 said...

Thanks for all the support! Y'all are awesome!