Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What I'm Lovin'

Today I am totally lovin'...

1.! I just ordered the cutest Valentines party invitations, and stickers to put on my Valentines "goody bags" for my friends and people at work. I wasn't even thinking about having a party until I checked out their darling selection, and I just had to do it. And the best part? I got 10% off my entire order by using the code VDAY, yay! And even better, they are supposed to be here by this Friday!! Now I'm excited to start planning my menu and decorations!

2. Food Network! I was sick yesterday and came home from work early, and I got to watch a few hours of some of my favorite shows. Giada made some delicious looking cheese and chive popovers and the Neelys made a chicken Alfredo pizza that looked to die for!! Also, Sunny Anderson made a delish looking artichoke salad on Cooking for Real that I will definitely be making soon!

3. My sweet little Cupie! Poor baby took a tumble a few days ago that literally almost scared her to death. I won't go into detail, but she was playing on top of the big dog crate and tried to jump to hers and her leg got caught. I wasn't there, but my parents said it was terrifying and they thought she broke her leg. Luckily, she is completely fine and has stayed away from the crates since.
In her Valentines bandanna. Since her name is Cupie, Valentines is her favorite holiday, other than her birthday. (Also, I put this picture on the back of my valentines invites, I thought it was cute and festive and I love how TinyPrints lets you do that!!

4. Pretty smelling candles like this one:

Voluspa Pink Magnolia
or one of my all time favorite scents:
Archipelago South Beach Candles and Diffuser

Well, I'm lovin' plenty today, but I'll leave it at that.

Hope y'all had a great Wednesday!


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