Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Revamping my room

Since I moved back into the rents house after graduation I have not been too happy with my bedroom. I did a HUGE cleanup/ giveaway/ throwaway right when I moved home of all the junk I have been "saving" since 7th grade when I moved into my brothers old room and he moved to the basement. I had sooo much to get rid of and I did pretty well, but recently I have been trying to organize and simplify my room, as well as make it more "me." My only problem is that I am probably the worlds WORST decorator!!! So don't judge at my lack of "putting things together" skills.

I have several things I still want to do to spruce things up a bit:

Get new bedding! I used to have twin beds, but moved my extremely comfy queen bed into my room when I moved back. I have great sheets, from Costco no less (they are the softest sheets ever, and pretty decently priced for the quality). But, I really want a new quilt and duvet and shams, ect. My room is yellow, which isn't bad, but I'm more of a pink and green kinda girl these days. A few things that I have had my eye on:

The Caroline green damask Duvet with pink accents from Serena and Lily
Serena and Lily diamond quilt in pink

Lilly Pulitzer La-Te- Dah Dahlia Coverlet and Sham in Aquamarine

Lilly Pulitzer Monkey Trouble comforter and shams

This one is a little childish, but this is one of my all time favorite Lilly prints. Its fun and pink and green!!!

Pine Cone Hill Citrus Scramble Duvet and Shams
I also love this one, which is a little more "grown up" with just a white bed spread.

I also want to get some cute boxes/ bins to organize things on the shelves in my bathroom and in my window seat.

I have gotten a few things recently that have helped fix up my room:

I got a new pencil cup and letter sorter from The Container store, which replaced the set I used to have on my desk that was HIDEOUS. It was white with ivy that looked straight out of the early 90's, and had coloring all over it which I did as a child. Check out my Monkey Trouble notes, I also have the magnetic board (told you I love that print) haha

I also got the silver cart under my desk. It the mesh and metal don't really match the style of my room, but I needed a file holder and it has the little drawer to hold all my cables and random computer stuff. I also put my cable box on top of that to make more room on my desk.

Finally, I got this cute light green magazine holder (which pretty much perfectly matches my pencil cup and envelope sorter, but I got that bad boy at T.J. Maxx) I also got the paisley box from Marshall's and it holds all of my camera stuff. I want more of those to organize the shelves I mentioned earlier. 

Well, that's all I've done so far, hopefully I will find some bedding soon so I can stop scouring the Internet for something I like. More changes to come!

Hope y'all had a great Tuesday!!

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