Thursday, January 20, 2011

UPS, you're killing me!

So, I ordered 2 swimsuits and goggles last week so I could start my swim training for my race, and I have been eagerly waiting for that lovely brown truck to drive up our street. Today was supposed to be the day, but alas, no package. (I saw the truck drive up and down the street without stopping, so I know its not because they haven't come yet) The online tracking info says there was a weather delay in Atlanta. Um, sorry but I'm here and the weather looks pretty good to me! UGH

The reason I am excited about this, other than to finally start swimming, is that I ordered the "grab bag" suits off of This is where you tell them your size and they send you what they have from previous seasons. I was looking for good suits that were cheap and this was the best option. I don't really care what they look like, but I'm still a little excited to see what they send.

Other than my frustration with UPS, today was good, and I'm excited that it's almost the weekend! I don't have many plans, but I am excited to go try a cupcake place that I read about on SouthernVogue's blog, because I found out there is one RIGHT near my house! Woohoo And possibly a trip to my fave place on earth, HomeGoods, to look for some Valentines decorations for the partay I'm planning!!

Hope y'all had a great Thursday!!!


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