Thursday, January 13, 2011

No more snow days and training progress

I never thought I would be excited about snow days ending, but I was so glad to go back to work today!! Though, for the past 2 days "ice day" would be more appropriate than snow day! A lot of places in Atlanta look like you could skate on them the ice is so thick!

Since we have been cooped up for so long, I haven't worked out since last Saturday! Just when I was getting in the swing of things, this ice storm hit and now I feel like I have lost all my momentum. Hopefully I can start hitting the gym again tomorrow, because I definitely realize how much better I feel after some exercise!

On a related note, I ordered 2 swimsuits and some goggles online today, and I plan on starting my swimming training as soon as they get here. The swimming part of the race I'm training for is the scariest part for me! I did summer swim team as a child, but it's been a while since I even swam a lap. It will surely be interesting and I will have to let y'all know how it goes for my first workout.

I also need to start going to cycling class (I call it spinning, but whatever floats your boat) at my gym to train for the 18 mile biking portion of the race. I feel pretty confident about that part, but I need to get going and get the feel for it. I really want a road bike of my own, for my race and just for leisure, but they are outrageously priced!!! Even used ones are crazy expensive, but if I could I would take this one:

Trek Speed Concept WSD 2.5 tribike

Too bad the base price is a little over $1,900!! Would be cool, but ain't gonna happen!

Hopefully I can find a good bike that is cheaper, because I would love one of my own to practice outdoors, not only in the gym.

Well, that's my progress in terms of the Irongirl race, not too great right now, but I know I will get beck into the swing of things as soon as the weather is good enough to drive places other than to work and home!!

Oh, and by the way, I have an idea for an AWESOME giveaway for when I get 50 followers, so get your friends, family, and yourself if you don't already, to follow my blog!!!

Hope y'all had a great Thursday!!!


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